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2023-09-07 Release Notes

DateSeptember 7, 2023
25 issues

Important highlights from this release

  • Improvements to errors handling
  • Staff email notifications for expiring payment methods
  • Optimized loading Ministry Positions on
  • Bug fixes and internal improvements

All updates for this release


  • API-1603 Bug - Remaining balance calculated incorrectly on billing payment email notification

COG Women's Tool

  • WMT-1627 Story - Show errors from Tempe when creating an account for Women's Report


  • API-1612 Bug - An error is thrown when trying to enable fee assist on recurring gifts and one fires today
  • ENG-2422 Bug - Swal shown when canceling a recurring gift has two l's
  • ENG-2445 Bug - Later gifts default to today after click "New Gift" button
  • ENG-2424 Story - Don't show gifts firing today in the list of gifts to be updated with fee assist
  • ENG-2426 Story - Enhance recurring-actions component to show error details from the API on error when canceling a recurring gift

Ministry Positions

  • DHM-585 Story - Optimize loading ministry positions
  • DHM-586 Story - Show a notice when editing an Expired positions that saving transitions status to Pending


  • ENG-2428 Bug - Throw a 404 error when redirect links can't be resolved

Payment Administration

  • ENG-2405 Story - Administration Expiring Cards page on Engage has inconsistent formatting

Payment Methods

  • ENG-2421 Story - Store expiration dates as the last day of the month instead of the first

Payment System

  • PAY-22 Story - Throw errors from Tempe when creating/updating payment methods
  • PAY-26 Story - Remove EGS from Pay
  • API-1547 Story - Check the account used and the payload of any recent transaction to prevent duplicates
  • API-1594 Story - Save payload for clerk reports
  • API-1601 Story - Email staff a list of expiring cards when notifying givers
  • API-1605 Story - Populate payload column for pay.schedule
  • API-1617 Story - Enhance API endpoints that show transaction information to omit results with a 'Deleted' status
  • API-1618 Story - Restrict endpoints for creating clerk report transactions to known IPs
  • API-1624 Story - Send out expiring card notices for cards expiring within a month instead of 30 days
  • API-1626 Story - Administration Expiring Cards show cards that expire within a month instead of 30 days


  • FER-241 Story - Redirect user to 404 page when redirect links can't be resolved


  • API-1600 Story - Add Fee Amount and Net Amount fields to Event API

UCC Profiles Portal

  • ENG-2410 Bug - The option for viewing the draft of a profile persists after navigating away
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