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2023-08-23 Release Notes

DateAugust 23, 2023
20 issues

Important highlights from this release

  • Important security updates
  • Bug fixes
  • UCC Local Church Profile enhancements

All updates for this release

Data Access

  • API-1457 Bug - Add additional cache handling to requesting provision information from ferret


  • API-1266 Story - Stub all test calls to update-api
  • API-1412 Story - Fix Unreliable Test in Validation Controller Spec


  • API-1616 Bug - recaptchaToken validation is skipped for giving endpoints
  • ENG-2292 Bug - Reloading page may fix issue shown when trying to cancel account with active contributions

Payment Methods

  • ENG-2395 Bug - Can set multiple preferred accounts

Payment System

  • API-1587 Story - Handle when Tempe's response is nil


  • API-1602 Bug - Church drop down list is empty for Regional databases
  • ENG-2403 Bug - Engage saves email address containing \r


  • ENG-2431 Story - Validate recaptchaToken for One Time Charge

UCC Profiles Portal

  • API-1604 Bug - Error about comments being required is thrown for a minister profile reference
  • ENG-2355 Bug - Save buttons appear in Submit for Validation view of local church profile
  • ENG-2357 Bug - User can only leave Statement of Consent if signature is blank
  • ENG-2399 Bug - References menu item does not work in draft view of local church profile
  • API-1596 Story - Remove "Ministerial" from church profile emails
  • API-1599 Story - Save church profile validation questions
  • ENG-2389 Story - Add text to the Search Snapshots page
  • ENG-2390 Story - Show references on Draft view
  • ENG-2391 Story - Show Church Positions and Local Church Profiles in approval and production
  • ENG-2394 Story - Add church profile validation questions
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