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2023-08-01 Release Notes

DateAugust 1, 2023
65 issues

Important highlights from this release

  • Retain search and sort in tables across Engage
  • The giving memo now uses the rich text editor
  • Clarify balance due and processing fees when paying for an existing registration
  • UCC Local Church Profiles Enhancements
  • Bug Fixes

All updates for this release


  • API-1554 Bug - Billing payment emails don't show the remaining balance
  • ENG-2312 Story - Apply sort/search retention to Invoices table
  • ENG-2313 Story - Apply sort/search retention to Payments table


  • ENG-2015 Bug - Logos do not appear to be updating in certain production environments

Data Access

  • ENG-2328 Story - Write tests for Engage behavior with 206 HTTP responses


  • API-1540 Bug - Donor receives Error Msg when clicking on the "Manage Your Gift" link in the Donation Notification Email.
  • API-1569 Bug - Double render error in recurring fee assist controller
  • API-1579 Bug - Fix double render error in the recurring gifts update endpoint
  • ENG-1658 Bug - Postal code validation errors are not displayed when making a guest gift or one time charge
  • ENG-1833 Bug - On 'edit-gift' page, giving schedule 'Once' persists across all gifts
  • ENG-2113 Bug - Donor with no last name populated will not show in search results when generating or viewing Giving Statements
  • ENG-2325 Bug - Amount and funds for a gift may be cleared when editing the gift
  • ENG-2330 Bug - Memo is not retained when editing a recurring gift
  • ENG-2341 Bug - Header bars need to align on Scheduled Gifts page
  • ENG-2350 Bug - Generate Statements and Statements should show for a database without credentials
  • ENG-2361 Bug - Start date field not reactive to user selection
  • ENG-2362 Bug - Custom background color can persist when leaving a giving set
  • ENG-2385 Bug - When enabling fee assist on all gifts the new amount does not display correctly
  • ENG-2392 Bug - Start date field not reactive after click "New Gift" button
  • API-1250 Story - Reflect Gift Memo styling on giving confirmation emails
  • API-1277 Story - Replace API fee assist calculation with the database-function fee assist calculation
  • ENG-1821 Story - Update the giving memo to use the rich text editor
  • ENG-2306 Story - Apply sort/search retention to Scheduled Gifts tables
  • ENG-2307 Story - Apply sort/search retention to Recent Online Gifts table
  • ENG-2308 Story - Apply sort/search retention to Giving History table
  • ENG-2309 Story - Apply sort/search retention to Giving Statements table
  • ENG-2311 Story - Apply sort/search retention to Giving Statement Batches tables
  • ENG-2354 Story - Replace Engage fee assist calculation with database function


  • API-1420 Story - Parse out \r from email address


  • API-1564 Bug - User's Logo Not Appearing on Email Notification Email


  • ENG-1893 Bug - Engage throws error when slug doesn't exist, should redirect

Payment Administration

  • ENG-2310 Story - Apply sort/search retention to Expiring Cards table

Payment System

  • API-1519 Bug - When refunding transactions, staff and payer emails display address line 3
  • ENG-2348 Bug - Tries to create account holders even when there are not credentials
  • API-1558 Story - API should return Tempe as the default processor if no `pay.settings` record exists in database
  • WMT-1626 Story - Show errors from Tempe instead of "%<NULL%"


  • ENG-1724 Bug - Creating multiple phone contacts stores the phone type incorrectly.


  • API-1546 Story - Prevent creating a payment if registration balance is less than payment
  • ENG-2319 Story - Update summary page to show previous payments instead of previous and current


  • ENG-2159 Bug - Giving Message not retaining Spacing

Single Event Registration Tool

  • WMT-1622 Bug - Staff notification from WMT registration has blank ACH account number


  • API-1416 Story - Return admin for SUF based on suf_is_suran_user

Tech Stack

  • API-1058 Story - Stub send_mobile_notification_to_ferret calls in visitation tests
  • API-1455 Story - Add test for using has_sst_credentials when Tempe

UCC Profiles Portal

  • ENG-2321 Bug - Clicking Save and Continue on ARDA/MIssion Insite page jumps to Congregation Demographics
  • API-1276 Story - Endpoint to duplicate a church position
  • API-1550 Story - Expire local church profiles
  • API-1556 Story - Delete contact info when deleting a church position
  • API-1557 Story - When approving a local church profile with a predecessor mark the preceding profile as Replaced
  • API-1561 Story - When returning a local church profile from validation, clone the circulation record
  • API-1570 Story - Don't show notes from return on a published local church profile
  • API-1571 Story - When duplicating a local church profile, do not copy signature, name, title, and date from Statement of Consent
  • API-1574 Story - Ability to add references for church position
  • ENG-1693 Story - Make title field read-only instead of disabled input
  • ENG-1705 Story - Ability to contact references for a church profile
  • ENG-1913 Story - Allow duplicating a local church profile
  • ENG-1965 Story - Show Add buttons for contact information on Add Church Position page
  • ENG-2322 Story - Don't allow committee members to update the Validation by Conference/Association page of a local church profile
  • ENG-2329 Story - Show Delete button for Unpublished church profiles
  • ENG-2346 Story - Show Validation Notes for committee members when church profile is returned for review
  • ENG-2352 Story - Make title field read-only instead of disabled input for church profiles
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