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2023-07-05 Release Notes

DateJuly 5, 2023
64 issues

Important highlights from this release

  • Failures making a payment (giving, events, etc.) are once again presented immediately and will halt progress until rectified
  • Added status to all recurring gifts
  • Retain sort and search in Search Transactions
  • Improvements to displaying processing fee and balances when paying for a registration
  • Ability to view and download UCC Local Church Profiles
  • Numerous fixes and enhancements

All updates for this release


  • API-1425 Story - Throw errors from Tempe for Billing payments
  • ENG-2327 Story - Billing payments page should treat 206 responses as partial errors

COG Women's Tool

  • WMT-1621 Story - Handle errors where payment occurred for Women's Reports

Data Access

  • WMT-1579 Story - Remove references to external hosting


  • ENG-2293 Bug - Creating a second gift by clicking new gift defaults to one time later
  • ENG-2301 Bug - Continue button does not respond for Later and Recurring gifts
  • ENG-2302 Bug - Start date is not set correctly when editing a gift to recur 1st/16th
  • ENG-2305 Bug - Payment method not chosen correctly when giving set allows only ACH payments
  • ENG-2343 Bug - System time a day ahead when cutoff hour is midnight
  • API-1426 Story - Throw errors from Tempe for one time gift today logged in
  • API-1427 Story - Throw errors from Tempe for one time today guest gift (not auto-processed)
  • API-1428 Story - Throw errors from Tempe for recurring gifts
  • API-1442 Story - Throw errors from Tempe for text gifts
  • API-1512 Story - Failed transaction notifications should indicate if the schedule was cancelled
  • API-1530 Story - Eligibility for fee assist should be determined based solely on pay schema statuses
  • API-1545 Story - Populate giving_set_id for recurring gifts
  • API-1553 Story - Add a notice for Return transactions
  • ENG-2283 Story - Enable fee assist for recurring gifts button should determine eligibility based solely on pay schema statuses
  • ENG-2290 Story - Enforce UTC datetime when making a gift
  • ENG-2296 Story - Remove the Today button on the GIFT DATE, START DATE, and START DATE calendars
  • ENG-2316 Story - Expose status on the Active, Pending, and Historical tables in Scheduled Gifts
  • ENG-2323 Story - When encountering an error sending emails send the user to the gift summary page
  • ENG-2324 Story - Display Tempe errors when attempting to delete scheduled gifts


  • ENG-2295 Bug - Spanish translation can persist in other pages

Minister Profile Web

  • DHM-576 Bug - Clicking Edit Profile without saving shows there are profile changes to submit

Payment Methods

  • ENG-2304 Bug - Account type changes to Savings when paying by ACH but shows as Checking when you look at the payment method
  • ENG-2320 Bug - Cannot make changes to saved payment method

Payment System

  • PAY-24 Story - Trim whitespace around routing number
  • API-1429 Story - Throw errors from Tempe for refunds
  • API-1431 Story - Throw errors from Tempe for unlinked transactions
  • API-1432 Story - Throw errors from Tempe for creating account holders
  • API-1528 Story - Show an error swal when the payment processor is down
  • API-1552 Story - Respond with a different response code for partial success
  • WMT-1601 Story - Add tests for has_sst_credentials for Tempe
  • WMT-1620 Story - Fix redirect of Payment Administration button
  • ENG-2152 Story - Remove pay system status button
  • ENG-2194 Story - Apply sort/search retention to Search Transactions table
  • ENG-2232 Story - Throw an error if the type of credit card cannot be detected or isn't accepted
  • ENG-2282 Story - Remove reloading the page statement from error swal when receiving payment processor is down errors


  • API-1466 Bug - Registration payment confirmation email calculates the remaining balance incorrectly
  • API-1430 Story - Throw errors from Tempe for registration payments
  • API-1460 Story - Create new emails for event payments
  • API-1484 Story - Update event emails to show Transaction ID
  • API-1542 Story - Return processing fee and correct balance for an event registration payment
  • ENG-2298 Story - Show processing fee on Event Payment if there was one
  • ENG-2340 Story - Registration payments page should treat 206 responses as partial errors


  • API-1538 Bug - Admin Settings does not load for SUF database

Single Event Registration Tool

  • WMT-1602 Story - Registration payments can be made through Tempe for SUF
  • WMT-1617 Story - Update staff email to show processing fee so amount owed is correctly calculated


  • API-1532 Story - Return `system_time` from the API

Tech Stack

  • WMT-1591 Story - Update ffi gem

UCC Profiles Portal

  • API-1549 Bug - Validate church profile window is checking for Validator position instead of Church Profile Validator
  • API-1514 Story - Create a pdf of church profiles
  • API-1523 Story - Only look for recent approval on a published circulation
  • API-1536 Story - Create an endpoint to get church profile files
  • API-1548 Story - Return if has a published minister profile
  • ENG-1873 Story - Add a warning for validating profiles when the background check will expire in under 90 days
  • ENG-1911 Story - Prevent updating a local church profile that is Awaiting Validation
  • ENG-1914 Story - Ability to download a PDF of a draft local church profile
  • ENG-1915 Story - Allow search committee members to view a draft of a local church profile
  • ENG-2267 Story - Only show the Withdraw button if the minister has a published circulation
  • ENG-2270 Story - Permalink to access local church profiles
  • ENG-2289 Story - Save and load any attached files from ucc.ministry_position_file database

Women's Reports

  • API-1539 Bug - Creating a Women's report transaction sets the income account id to the fund id
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