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2023-05-18 Release Notes

DateMay 18, 2023
26 issues

Important highlights from this release

  • Show status for historical recurring gifts
  • Prevent refunds for Stewardship transactions
  • Don't create a new giving set until clicking save
  • Bug fixes and internal enhancements

All updates for this release


  • API-1473 Bug - Cannot get a response from Menu/Help when there is no individual associated with sms giving number
  • API-1511 Bug - Custom Memo Text in Giving Settings does not appear on Email Notification
  • ENG-2104 Bug - Giving Sets do not stay in Desired Order
  • ENG-2231 Bug - Can get an error trying to set fee assist preference
  • ENG-2243 Bug - Incorrect Expiration Date Listed on Donation Email Notification
  • API-1507 Story - Sanity checks for editing recurring gifts
  • ENG-2023 Story - Expose status on historical gifts

Payment Administration

  • ENG-2241 Story - Disable Stewardship refunds

Payment System

  • API-1482 Bug - Ensure records for the pay schema are soft deleted
  • API-1492 Bug - Suran API retries requests even if the response is not a retryable error
  • API-1503 Bug - Refuse to create Tempe contracts with a historical start or end date
  • API-1508 Bug - Refund email assumes a refund links to a giving detail
  • API-1513 Bug - Available payment methods are hard coded from testing
  • API-1518 Bug - When creating Refund, Return, or Chargeback transactions make sure the amount/fee amount are negative
  • API-1465 Story - Log responses from Tempe
  • API-1469 Story - Log request body for HTTP calls sent to Tempe
  • API-1493 Story - Update shortcode for button to manage payment method to not use individual
  • API-1497 Story - Add `is_sst` attribute to `TransactionDetails` model
  • API-1499 Story - Filter out accounts connected to fgstewardshiptechnologiesdonor for expiring cards
  • API-1501 Story - Add designation to description for one time charges
  • API-1510 Story - Handle when refund records aren't created successfully
  • API-1516 Story - Sanitize account holder name when sending to Tempe
  • API-1517 Story - Don't connect to the database when returning countries


  • API-1496 Story - Create `create_giving_set` method in the Engage settings controller
  • ENG-2224 Story - Do not create an `engage.giving_set` record when clicking "New Giving Set"

Single Event Registration Tool

  • WMT-1597 Story - Update system check to not call SST
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