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2023-04-12 Release Notes

DateApril 12, 2023
10 issues

Important highlights from this release

  • Bug fixes
  • Documentation update

All updates for this release


  • API-1441 Story - Reapply Weekend Changes to Main


  • API-1327 Bug - Don't use a giving unit for Menu text gifts if there isn't one
  • API-1436 Bug - Error setting preferred account during text gift for post migration
  • API-1443 Bug - Error when no giving unit or account holder for text giving
  • API-1461 Bug - Add route for recurring gift firing emails endpoint
  • API-1452 Story - Update apipie documentation for the deposit_detail_designation_detail_with_contact_info endpoint


  • ENG-2210 Bug - Cannot create a new engage account

Payment System

  • ENG-2209 Bug - Creating an account holder if there isn't one when going to giving page gives error
  • API-1375 Story - Ensure "status" on rows for tables in the pay schema is being set
  • API-1444 Story - Handle error when credentials are nil or blank for returning payment methods for Tempe
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