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2023-03-31 Release Notes

DateMarch 31, 2023
21 issues

Important highlights from this release

  • Additional support for the Tempe/Paragon payment processor
  • Bug fixes

All updates for this release


  • API-1356 Story - Endpoint to create a billing payment
  • ENG-2089 Story - Billing Payments can be made through Tempe


  • ENG-2175 Bug - Editing a second recurring gift renders Recur Indefinitely incorrectly
  • API-1383 Story - Update how preferred account is returned for text giving
  • API-1384 Story - Ability to complete a text gift based on processor
  • ENG-2123 Story - Ability to create a customer specific to pay.processor


  • ENG-2176 Bug - 'Email' should translate to Spanish as 'Correo Electronico'
  • ENG-2177 Bug - When creating a new gift in Spanish, fields on the Payment page render in English
  • ENG-2160 Story - Write tests to confirm Spanish translations

Payment Methods

  • ENG-2164 Bug - Invalid parameters error when attempting to update a payment method (Post-Migrated DB)
  • ENG-2165 Bug - Credit card type errors when attempting to update a payment method (Pre-Migrated DB)
  • ENG-2173 Bug - Engage is saving payment method expiration date + 1 month
  • ENG-2185 Bug - Getting Error when trying to delete Payment Method

Payment System

  • API-1397 Bug - Gift confirmation email shows bank account fields for credit card payments
  • ENG-2182 Bug - Creating a payment for a business checking account is declined on Tempe
  • PAY-19 Story - Include auth_option_form when creating/updating Business Checking account
  • API-1394 Story - Endpoint to complete transaction without setting transaction link
  • API-1401 Story - Add route that points to `accounts#destroy`
  • API-1403 Story - Pass CCD for standard_entry_class_codes_type when creating transaction for Business Checking account


  • API-1318 Story - Endpoint to make registrations
  • ENG-2094 Story - Registration Payments can be made through Tempe
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