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2023-03-28 Release Notes

DateMarch 28, 2023
83 issues

Important highlights from this release

  • Support for the Tempe/Paragon payment processor
  • API endpoints for migrated Stewardship clients
  • Preliminary support for rendering Engage giving in Spanish

All updates for this release


  • PAY-8 Story - Use JWT to authenticate against Suran API
  • PAY-13 Story - Add CORS policy headers to PAY for Engage
  • PAY-16 Story - Add respective node IP addresses to environment specific allowed hosts

Data Access

  • API-1319 Bug - Suran API can throw ActiveRecord::NoDatabaseError after attempting a connection to pg_bouncer
  • API-1335 Story - Cache JWT's for guest users
  • API-1381 Story - Add constants for and IPv4's


  • API-1396 Bug - Expiration year on confirmation email shows 01
  • ENG-2080 Bug - Banner is not scaling properly across platforms
  • ENG-2112 Bug - CC's still accepted even when turned off for a Giving Set.
  • ENG-2161 Bug - Editing gift in engage does not load correct frequency
  • ENG-2170 Bug - In engageapproval, editing a scheduled gift throws an [object Object] error
  • API-1098 Story - PCADepositDetailDesignationDetailwithContactInfo Endpoint
  • API-1102 Story - DepositDesignationDetail Endpoint
  • API-1111 Story - CheckGiftReport Endpoint
  • API-1113 Story - DonorsTransactionInformationSettlementDate Endpoint
  • API-1114 Story - DonorTransactionInformation Endpoint
  • API-1339 Story - DepositDesignationDetailByDepositDate Endpoint
  • API-1348 Story - DonorsTransactionInformation Endpoint
  • API-1351 Story - Endpoint to create recurring and future one-time guest gifts
  • API-1352 Story - Endpoint to create future one-time and recurring logged in gifts
  • API-1354 Story - Endpoint to update a recurring gift
  • API-1355 Story - Endpoint to cancel a recurring gift
  • API-1359 Story - DesignationsSelect Endpoint
  • API-1362 Story - Endpoint to return recurring gifts for an individual
  • API-1367 Story - Add DesignationID to CheckGiftReport endpoint output
  • API-1374 Story - Ability to add fee assist to all recurring gifts for Tempe
  • API-1382 Story - Sort PCADepositDesignationDetailWithContactInfo by deposit date and deposit id
  • ENG-2095 Story - Can make a guest gift through Tempe
  • ENG-2096 Story - Can make a guest gift that creates a giving unit through Tempe
  • ENG-2097 Story - Can make a guest gift that create a giving unit that is recurring/future through Tempe
  • ENG-2098 Story - Can make an immediate gift when logged in through Tempe
  • ENG-2099 Story - Can make a recurring future gift when logged in through Tempe
  • ENG-2100 Story - Can change a recurring gift through Tempe
  • ENG-2101 Story - Can cancel a recurring gift through Tempe
  • ENG-2138 Story - Show recurring gifts based on pay schema
  • ENG-2146 Story - Ability to add fee assist to all recurring gifts for Tempe


  • ENG-2109 Story - Prototype localizing Engage
  • ENG-2141 Story - Apply Spanish Support to New Gift page


  • DHM-567 Story - Change Email on page footer


  • DHM-564 Story - Update minister profile overview page text
  • DHM-565 Story - Change text on alert dialog that appears when navigating to Search and Call

Payment Methods

  • ENG-2171 Bug - Cannot edit payment methods in approval on h21

Payment System

  • PAY-12 Story - Endpoint to create a payment account
  • PAY-14 Story - Endpoint to update a payment account
  • PAY-15 Story - Use tempe endpoint to populate bank name
  • API-1100 Story - AccountSchedules Endpoint
  • API-1101 Story - CountrySelect Endpoint
  • API-1103 Story - DepositSummary Endpoint
  • API-1104 Story - DonorInformationReport Endpoint
  • API-1105 Story - ResponseCodesSelect Endpoint
  • API-1112 Story - DonorInformationOne Endpoint
  • API-1115 Story - VerifyTransaction Endpoint
  • API-1288 Story - Add resource for pay.merchant
  • API-1289 Story - Add resource for pay.account_holder
  • API-1290 Story - Add resource for pay.account
  • API-1314 Story - Endpoint to create an account_holder specific to pay.processor
  • API-1315 Story - Endpoint to create a transaction specific to the pay processor
  • API-1328 Story - Create a one time charge from a transaction payload
  • API-1331 Story - Return account holder external id with individual info
  • API-1333 Story - Return giving and payroll merchant
  • API-1336 Story - Endpoint to return reserved account id
  • API-1337 Story - Handle `expiring_credit_cards` via Pay
  • API-1338 Story - Update resources for accounts to use account_type and check_type
  • API-1346 Story - Endpoint to delete a remote account holder
  • API-1347 Story - Allow guests to create one-time charges
  • API-1353 Story - Endpoint to delete a payment method
  • API-1357 Story - Endpoint to get all transactions for a date range
  • API-1358 Story - Create engage account based on processor
  • API-1360 Story - SelectAccounts Endpoints
  • API-1369 Story - Add conttype to deposit_detail_designation_detail_with_contact_info endpoints
  • ENG-2079 Story - Store JWT and pass to with PAN
  • ENG-2084 Story - Manage payment methods from pay.account records
  • ENG-2085 Story - Ability to create payment account specific to processor
  • ENG-2086 Story - Ability to create a transaction specific to pay.processor
  • ENG-2087 Story - Ability to make one-time charges through Tempe
  • ENG-2090 Story - Update Expiring cards to fetch from pay.account
  • ENG-2102 Story - Search Transactions displays data from Tempe


  • API-1099 Story - PCAEventDepositDetails Endpoint

Text Giving

  • ENG-2130 Story - Replace text giving self-enrollment with links to the Help Center

UCC Profiles Portal

  • ENG-2111 Story - Add a note to the UCC Personal Profile page about communicating changes
  • ENG-2115 Story - Change edit conditions for church profiles
  • ENG-2121 Story - Change the Begin Search and Call button to Begin UCC Profile
  • ENG-2132 Story - Add a Clear button to record table views
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