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2023-01-18 Release Notes

DateJanuary 18, 2023
18 issues

Important highlights from this release

  • Minor quality of life enhancements to online statements
  • Pronouns are now part of the Personal Profile in the UCC Minister Portal
  • Better handling for invalid email addresses
  • Bug fixes

All updates for this release

Error Handling

  • API-1310 Bug - Remove/update usage of api_params


  • ENG-2075 Bug - The email action appears for statements to a giver without a default email
  • ENG-2076 Bug - A giving statement batch can be deleted if all statements have been retracted and unpublished
  • ENG-2107 Bug - Email Online Giving Statement does not work from giving statement view
  • API-1282 Story - Add preview givers endpoint
  • API-1311 Story - API changes for ENG-2041
  • API-1313 Story - Return `total_replaced` in the `get_giving_statement_batch` method (ENG-2076 companion)
  • API-1320 Story - Return giving email for donor from get giving statement endpoint
  • ENG-2041 Story - Use ending date specified by user when displaying recurring gifts in Engage
  • ENG-2051 Story - Add a confirmation when deleting a giving statement batch
  • ENG-2055 Story - Ability to delete unpublished statements individually
  • ENG-2056 Story - Prompt when retracting statements
  • ENG-2069 Story - Add 'Return to Giving Statements' button to the giving statement view page


  • API-1301 Bug - Can get error trying to get username if engage.user record doesn't exist


  • API-1299 Bug - Memo is shown on recurring gift firing staff email
  • API-1179 Story - Don't send emails if email address is invalid


  • FER-235 Story - Update redirect_form endpoint to use merchant_id in sst.url_redirect record

UCC Profiles Portal

  • API-1307 Story - Endpoint to update pronouns
  • ENG-1744 Story - Move pronouns to Personal Profile
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