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2023-01-03 Release Notes

DateJanuary 3, 2023
31 issues

Important highlights from this release

  • Online Giving Statements
  • Internal fixes and enhancements

All updates for this release


  • API-1303 Bug - Count giving units correctly on giving statement batch list
  • ENG-2045 Bug - Load correct giving statement batch data in header
  • ENG-2047 Bug - Update tooltip terms to giving statement batch
  • ENG-2048 Bug - Correct misspelling on disabled Delete tooltip
  • ENG-2059 Bug - 'View' button on Giving Statements page gives infinite spinner
  • ENG-2061 Bug - 'Edit' button on Batches page opens to blank page
  • API-1247 Story - Ability to modify online giving statements
  • API-1278 Story - Rework`giving_statements_controller` to allow Online Giving Statments
  • API-1291 Story - Ability to download an online giving statement
  • API-1294 Story - Add endpoint to return most recent child giving statement
  • API-1297 Story - Giving Statement Email
  • API-1300 Story - Return emailstatement when getting giving statements
  • API-1304 Story - Write `generate_missing` method
  • API-1306 Story - Adjust `create_giving_statement_batch` method to return the new batch id
  • ENG-1821 Story - Update the giving memo to use the rich text editor
  • ENG-1961 Story - UI to generate online giving statements
  • ENG-1962 Story - Ability to view an online giving statement
  • ENG-2034 Story - Only show giving statement menu items if 12.1.x or higher
  • ENG-2042 Story - Add Generate Missing feature to Online Giving Statements
  • ENG-2043 Story - Update swal when Email All Published to show how many giving units will not receive a statement
  • ENG-2050 Story - Change Giving Statements to Giving Statement Batches in the Admin menu
  • ENG-2052 Story - After generating statements for a batch navigate to the details page
  • ENG-2053 Story - Format batch dates on the details page the same as on the batches page


  • API-1238 Bug - Can get error about column not existing

Payment System

  • API-1287 Story - Add resource for pay.processor


  • FER-232 Story - Render early if provision not found for slugs/:provision_code


  • FER-231 Story - Ignore - at the end of link guid


  • SNAP-6 Story - Ability to customize left side of footer for pdf and add page numbers
  • SNAP-7 Story - Use same font as Engage in footer and move divider up a pixel

Session Management

  • API-1295 Story - Return version of database with session info

Tech Stack

  • PAY-1 Story - Create web service
  • ENG-2003 Story - Strengthen type validation in Ember development

UCC Profiles Portal

  • ENG-2037 Story - Change the term Business to Professional for UCC Profile links
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