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2022-12-06 Release Notes

DateDecember 6, 2022
17 issues

Important highlights from this release

  • Registration notices for CDM+ Essentials clients
  • Internal infrastructure for online giving statements
  • Enhancements for the UCC local church profiles

All updates for this release

Database Management

  • API-1082 Story - Altering a database name or description should find an available name/description
  • API-1142 Story - Add a endpoint to restore backup into existing database


  • API-1247 Story - Ability to modify online giving statements
  • API-1275 Story - Return giving email for individual
  • ENG-1952 Story - Change language to will receive on successful submission of guest gift


  • API-1251 Story - Endpoint to send SERT email for essentials

Single Event Registration Tool

  • WMT-1580 Story - Add a standard registration complete email for CDM+ Essentials

UCC Profiles Portal

  • ENG-2016 Bug - Cannot delete a ministry position
  • API-1095 Story - Create api endpoints for saving local church profiles
  • API-1234 Story - Make sure that all UCC endpoints are UCC-specific
  • API-1235 Story - Limit endpoints that update church profile data to committee members
  • ENG-1706 Story - Local Church Profile Content
  • ENG-1737 Story - Prompt to add committee members after creating a church position
  • ENG-1934 Story - Grant access to conference staff to view/setup local church profile using a separate Church Profile Validator position
  • ENG-1963 Story - Reorder Local Church Profile sections and add headers
  • ENG-1985 Story - Flip the terms for Church Position and Local Church Profile
  • ENG-2007 Story - Submit ucc church profiles
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