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DateNovember 11, 2022
9 issues

Important highlights from this release

  • Ability to control which payment methods are allowed on giving sets
  • Bug fixes

All updates for this release

Data Access

  • API-1269 Bug - Can get permission error from CDM+ from terms endpoint

Error Handling

  • API-1271 Bug - Error emails are not sending


  • ENG-252 Story - Allow selecting payment methods in Engage Giving
  • ENG-1978 Story - Ability to conditionally un-require CVV fields by user


  • ENG-1998 Bug - From an embedded form, Create Account lands on the Engage login page

Payment Methods

  • ENG-1999 Bug - New Payment Method opens to New Bank tab with no content when Allowed Payment Methods is set to 'All'
  • ENG-2000 Story - Improve the terminology on un-allowed payment methods

Payment System

  • API-1258 Story - Add `allowed_payment_methods` column to `engage_settings_controller.rb` & `giving_set.rb`
  • API-1264 Story - Add `bypass_cvv` method to `Preference.rb` model
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