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2022-11-02 Release Notes

DateNovember 02, 2022
8 issues

Important highlights from this release

  • Updated API documentation
  • Internal fixes and improvements

All updates for this release


  • ENG-1925 Story - Reduce length of Embed Script tag


  • API-1242 Story - Hide all endpoints from production Apipie documentation except for current 3rd party integrations
  • API-1243 Story - Update the authenticated_test to handle both system and session calls
  • API-1244 Story - Show endpoints as either "System" or "Session" based on metadata in documentation
  • API-1245 Story - Add a header linking to API documentation


  • ENG-1967 Bug - A horizontal scroll bar can appear when embedding Engage
  • API-1260 Story - Enhance deposit detail designation detail with contact info to have an additional parameter to include pending contributions


  • API-1252 Bug - Creating a database with "is_archive" set to true does not create an archive database
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