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2022-10-14 Release Notes

DateOctober 14, 2022
23 issues

Important highlights from this release

Read about exciting new features in this update!

  • Banners and backgrounds on giving sets
  • Publishing giving sets
  • Speed and performance enhancements
  • Bug fixes

These release notes include changes deployed from 2022-10-11 through 2022-10-14.

All updates for this release


  • ENG-1898 Story - Implement Cache Fail to urlForCdn helper method


  • API-1178 Story - Update ffi gem


  • API-1236 Bug - Not able to issue a refund through Search Transaction
  • ENG-1889 Bug - Give Again does not work
  • ENG-1904 Bug - New Gift page will not load when there are no giving sets
  • ENG-1923 Bug - Saving a giving set rewrites underscores in the URL to dashes
  • API-1069 Story - Giving/Event Dashboard/Calendar Endpoints
  • API-1168 Story - Use the CDN for giving set background and banner images
  • API-1230 Story - Ability to save/return if a giving set is published
  • ENG-1886 Story - Ability to publish specific giving sets to the New Gift page
  • ENG-1945 Story - On the Giving Page, change "Make a Donation to [Org Name]" to "Make a Donation to [Set Name]"


  • API-1222 Story - Specify TLS support in Suran API SMTP credentials


  • ENG-1818 Bug - When creating account from a guest gift, pick up address line 2 data
  • API-1180 Story - Add an endpoint to export and download user field sets


  • FER-213 Bug - Demo provision says it is disabled if not saved in redis


  • FER-219 Story - Handle links with /payment like /donate


  • ENG-1950 Bug - Cross-site scripting error introduced when embedding on certain websites


  • ENG-1865 Bug - Forced reload after updating Engage Settings gives error
  • ENG-1941 Bug - Logo not loading in Organization settings
  • API-1229 Story - Add url validation to giving-set slugs (companion to ENG-1923)
  • ENG-1822 Story - Add inputs to edit giving set banner and background images
  • ENG-1926 Story - Hide 'Repeat Image' when there is no background image selected on Giving Sets settings page

Tech Stack

  • API-1197 Story - Perform testing in transactions
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