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2022-03-14 Release Notes

DateMar 14, 2022
28 issues

Important highlights from this release

  • Internal improvements for testing and deployment
  • Minor enhancements to One-Time Charges
  • Internal improvements for the upcoming Mobile 2.7 release
  • Groundwork for UCC Local Church Profiles
  • Bug fixes and enhancements 

All updates for this release


  • API-791 Story - Configure API environments for ARC work
  • ENG-1235 Story - Configure Engage environments for ARC work
  • WMT-1529 Story - Configure WMT environments for ARC work
  • ENG-1633 Story - Update "Engage" link in footer to use https


  • ENG-1604 Bug - Sorting by amount on Scheduled gifts is incorrect


  • ENG-1602 Story - Add a button to set the calendar to today


  • FER-195 Bug - When description has an apostrophe disabling and enabling provision does not update the Ferret cache
  • UPD-24 Story - Report errors to Web Errors
  • UPD-25 Story - Add an endpoint to return the minimum supported mobile builds for a given short version and build number
  • FER-192 Story - Have resetcode endpoint just return cdmmobile://

Payment System

  • ENG-1164 Story - Reposition blue notice box on one time charge to have same padding on top as on side


  • API-950 Story - Don't send receipt created email if staff email is blank


  • ENG-1331 Story - Hide One Time Charge and Payment Administration under Admin if database doesn't have SST credentials

System Requirements

  • API-813 Story - Render error if mobile version is too low

UCC Profiles Portal

  • ENG-1623 Bug - Can save vocational without location
  • API-946 Story - Endpoint to create/update a ministry position
  • API-947 Story - Endpoint to fetch ministry positions in current conferences
  • API-949 Story - Endpoint to delete a ministry position
  • API-951 Story - Endpoint to fetch minister's data from the Data Hub
  • API-954 Story - Endpoints to search for/create/view/delete ministry position committee members
  • API-955 Story - Ability to Send/resend emails for a ministry position committee member
  • API-958 Story - Endpoint to return a committee member's church position requests
  • ENG-1595 Story - Display a minister's data from the Data Hub
  • ENG-1601 Story - Don't allow submitting a profile for validation when Under Review
  • ENG-1608 Story - CRUD for UCC Ministry Positions
  • ENG-1628 Story - Turn Ministry Position church selection into a filtered select field
  • ENG-1635 Story - Use a "lozenge" style badge for status in table and on detail page for ministry positions
  • ENG-1648 Story - Temporarily hide the Data Hub panel in the approval & production environments
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