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2022-02-03 Release Notes

DateFeb 3, 2022
21 issues

Important highlights from this release

  • Removed Engage options from WMT as Engage should be used directly
  • Improved internal error reporting
  • Add gift memo to Giving History
  • Additional filter options when searching snapshots in the UCC Profiles Portal
  • Improved PDF for Minister Profiles in the UCC Profiles Portal
  • Require all fields for references in the UCC Profiles Portal
  • Add a footer to the UCC Profiles Portal for how to get help
  • Bug fixes and enhancements

All updates for this release


  • FER-185 Story - Update database functions that call Ferret to use the correct environment


  • WMT-1541 Story - Remove Engage options from WMT

Error Handling

  • FER-188 Story - Send ferret errors to Jira
  • API-929 Story - Change error notification from


  • ENG-1592 Story - Display Gift Memo in Engage Contribution History

Payment System

  • ENG-1556 Bug - Address verification prompt is shown when country is saved as 'Canada'


  • API-913 Bug - Endpoint to update address throws an error when in an SUF database
  • ENG-1606 Bug - When viewing another individual's profile, clicking the picture does not enlarge it.

Session Management

  • API-938 Bug - Navigating between users in CDM+ does not log out previous individual
  • ENG-1462 Bug - Cannot extend idle timer

Single Event Registration Tool

  • WMT-1555 Story - Add extra null checks for params when saving options of a SERT

Tool Rendering

  • WMT-1554 Story - Fail fast if there is no widget found when publishing

UCC Profiles Portal

  • API-935 Bug - Circulation email is not sent to all staff with matching regional positions when geographic availability is updated
  • ENG-1493 Bug - Tabbing between text fields in UCC Profile Portal does not move the field into view
  • ENG-1588 Bug - Checking email that doesn't exist in UCC Forgot Password process offers to create a new account
  • ENG-1593 Bug - Clicking on a conference in the selected conferences list does not remove it from the list
  • API-932 Story - Send reference completed email to all minister emails if they have not set a primary
  • ENG-1422 Story - Ability to filter snapshots based on other properties
  • ENG-1552 Story - Polish the formatting on the profile PDF
  • ENG-1589 Story - Require all reference form fields except Additional Comments
  • ENG-1594 Story - Add a footer after logging in for how to get help
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