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2022-01-10 Release Notes

DateJan 10, 2022
39 issues

Important highlights from this release

  • UCC Profile Portal enhancements and fixes

All updates for this release

Payment System

  • API-924 Bug - Transaction failed donor emails fail to send due to typo in included link


  • ENG-1563 Bug - Cannot upload photo if member changes are not allowed

UCC Profiles Portal

  • API-921 Bug - More than one email is sent to a validator if they have multiple matching regional positions
  • ENG-1432 Bug - Sometimes on initial load of a page a rich text editor does not delete text properly
  • ENG-1573 Bug - Signing the statement of consent in Mobile Safari doesn't retain the signature
  • ENG-1574 Bug - Spinner appears continuously after clicking Withdraw from Search and Call
  • ENG-1575 Bug - Cannot re-submit a profile that has been unlocked
  • ENG-1576 Bug - Geographic Availability prompts to save even if no change has been made
  • ENG-1579 Bug - Changing the size of the window in Safari clears the signature on the consent page
  • API-911 Story - Sort validation requests by submitted_for_validation_datetime descending
  • API-914 Story - Return picture hash with profiles for validation
  • API-915 Story - Sort select lists and tables alphabetically in edit and view
  • API-916 Story - Order snapshot results by last name
  • API-917 Story - Send minister an email when their profile is approved for circulation
  • API-918 Story - Return published circulation date for a minister
  • API-919 Story - Only send UCC emails to those that end with in a non-production environment
  • API-922 Story - Return reference address and contact info with profile serializer
  • API-923 Story - Endpoint to request an account
  • API-925 Story - Return updated profile after saving education or vocational records
  • API-926 Story - Move ucc.minister_snapshot_info serialization to the database
  • API-928 Story - Notify a minister when one of their references is complete
  • API-930 Story - Return an error when circulation for pdf is not found
  • ENG-1423 Story - Ability to request an account
  • ENG-1491 Story - Use date input from gifts for profile date inputs
  • ENG-1495 Story - Remove buttons to set completed on minister profile
  • ENG-1529 Story - Optimize loading Search Snapshots
  • ENG-1532 Story - Display the reference's contact information and completion date on the profile
  • ENG-1543 Story - Require start year and end year selection for education & vocational records
  • ENG-1549 Story - After saving education or vocational records, ensure default sorting is applied
  • ENG-1557 Story - Show the expiration date for completed background checks
  • ENG-1562 Story - Move Other for Pronouns on Optional Demographics to the last in the list
  • ENG-1564 Story - Display a MID's approval for ordination when viewing their profile
  • ENG-1565 Story - Clarify submitting a profile for validation will begin circulating
  • ENG-1566 Story - Display the date a profile was validated to the minister
  • ENG-1567 Story - For UCC make name inputs that cannot be changed just look like data instead of a disabled input
  • ENG-1568 Story - Add an option for a minister to view and download a PDF of their profile
  • ENG-1569 Story - Increase the size of the church name input on Ecclesiastical tab
  • ENG-1578 Story - When viewing a validated profile as a validator, note the current status
  • ENG-1581 Story - Show loading indicator when downloading a profile/snapshot
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