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2021-12-13 Release Notes

DateDec 13, 2021
40 issues

Important highlights from this release

  • UCC Profile Portal enhancements and fixes
  • Improved validation for address lines when adding payment methods

All updates for this release

Payment Methods

  • ENG-1544 Bug - Payment methods not saving in SUF Engage


  • ENG-1507 Bug - Uploading a photo loses name changes
  • API-863 Story - Endpoint to update birthdate info

UCC Profiles Portal

  • API-909 Bug - Endpoint that returns profiles for validation can return unpublished circulation records
  • API-912 Bug - Validate Profile button on email doesn't load
  • ENG-1537 Bug - Broken link to UCC Marks in Ministry Essay section of editing a profile
  • ENG-1538 Bug - Cannot submit a profile after withdrawing a profile with a pending validation/recent circulation approval and then re-entering search and call
  • ENG-1541 Bug - Unchecking Ecclesiastical Endorsement does not clear Job Type input
  • ENG-1542 Bug - Changes to gender don't show immediately
  • ENG-1547 Bug - Validation request cards show "undefined" for conference when minister is not a MID
  • ENG-1548 Bug - Last updated for Minister Profile does not populate
  • ENG-1551 Bug - Association choice under Ordained Minister of Ecclesiatical Authorization is not accepting first time
  • ENG-1554 Bug - In Optional Demographics, disability option radio buttons and labels do not line up well
  • ENG-1555 Bug - Interpreting the History length has changed
  • API-857 Story - Endpoint to retrieve minister profile information
  • API-895 Story - Update submitting a minister profile for validation to also create new records with published profile information
  • API-897 Story - Endpoint for downloading background check only
  • API-902 Story - Endpoint to notify individuals who have downloaded a profile
  • API-903 Story - Return and save legal sex/gender options
  • API-904 Story - Sort lists on Optional Demographics alphabetically
  • API-905 Story - Return and save pronouns
  • API-906 Story - Display vocational history and education in chronological order
  • API-907 Story - Return and save sexual orientation
  • API-908 Story - Center the Validate Profile button on validation notifications
  • API-910 Story - Notify conference administrators when a profile becomes available in their conference/association
  • ENG-1397 Story - Build background check page
  • ENG-1408 Story - Use endpoint to show minister profile information in view mode
  • ENG-1450 Story - Ability to download just the background check when viewing a profile
  • ENG-1487 Story - Add inputs for title, conference, and association to UI for validating a profile
  • ENG-1488 Story - Update validation page to show live data from minister profile
  • ENG-1494 Story - Prompt to save minister profile changes when navigating away
  • ENG-1521 Story - Move checkmarks to the front of the tab for snapshot and profile
  • ENG-1523 Story - Add Legal Sex/Gender to Optional Demographics
  • ENG-1524 Story - Add Pronouns to Optional Demographics
  • ENG-1526 Story - Change terms for disability status
  • ENG-1527 Story - Add Birth Year to optional demographics
  • ENG-1528 Story - Update instructions for Geographic Availability regarding withdrawal
  • ENG-1539 Story - Change the Formal Education header to College and Graduate Education
  • ENG-1540 Story - Add a note to Educational Formation for Ministry regarding requirements
  • ENG-1550 Story - Add Serbia in the country dropdown options
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