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2021-12-06 Release Notes

DateDec 6, 2021
24 issues

Important highlights from this release

  • UCC Profile Portal General Release

All updates for this release

UCC Profiles Portal

  • ENG-1503 Bug - Character count is wrong in error message for Gifts and Talents questions
  • ENG-1508 Bug - Validate Profiles page is missing title
  • ENG-1533 Bug - Unable to view profiles if you are a validator/administrator but not a minister
  • ENG-1534 Bug - The UCC Minister Profile is showing all checkmarks, but the header on the Home page is not showing as green.
  • ENG-1535 Bug - When you click a minister's name in Search Snapshots, some of the checkmarks under Geographic Availability are exaggerated in size.
  • ENG-1536 Bug - Middle Name doesn't appear on the profile or snapshot
  • API-873 Story - Send emails to validators in the same region when a profile is submitted for validation
  • API-894 Story - Append the background check PDF when downloading a PDF of the minister profile
  • API-896 Story - Match validators to profiles based on the minister's standing
  • API-898 Story - Track which individuals have downloaded a profile
  • ENG-1406 Story - Calculate if steps of profile are complete
  • ENG-1409 Story - Update color of card on home page for minister profile when it is completed
  • ENG-1448 Story - Update search snapshots table to show circulation date
  • ENG-1489 Story - Add placeholder text to the snapshot search filter options
  • ENG-1490 Story - Allow validators to see the profile for ministers with standing in the validator's conference
  • ENG-1497 Story - Adjust UCC Terms and Conditions
  • ENG-1499 Story - Add a maintenance page for the UCC
  • ENG-1500 Story - Show profiles for validation based on minister's standing
  • ENG-1501 Story - Reduce requirements for considering snapshot pages as complete
  • ENG-1502 Story - Add a title to the Optional Demographics page
  • ENG-1504 Story - Swap minister profile and references in the navigation bar, hide download & submit menu options
  • ENG-1506 Story - Do not require accepting Terms of Use when using Engage via CDM+
  • ENG-1519 Story - Remove UCC Maintenance Mode page
  • ENG-1530 Story - Display ongoing education and vocational terms as Current
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