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2021-10-18 Release Notes

DateOct 18, 2021
16 issues

Important highlights from this release

  • Bug Fixes
  • UCC Profile Portal Features

All updates for this release

Data Access

  • API-866 Bug - Handle error from trying to get data from short code without the table existing

Error Handling

  • API-848 Story - Show error message in production log

UCC Profiles Portal

  • API-852 Story - Update allow_changes when submitting for validation
  • API-856 Story - Endpoint to save optional demographic info
  • API-861 Story - Save required validation info in database
  • API-862 Story - Allow viewing snapshots without the Minister role
  • API-864 Story - Return reference names for validation requests
  • ENG-1335 Story - Add minister picture to reference request cards
  • ENG-1358 Story - Require address line 1 for UCC users
  • ENG-1359 Story - Prevent deleting last phone number for UCC users
  • ENG-1365 Story - Use paginated-display component when viewing reference request list
  • ENG-1382 Story - Allow changes to profile if ucc.circulation.allow_changes is true
  • ENG-1383 Story - Add required validation steps to validation page
  • ENG-1388 Story - Remove "Create Account" option for UCC
  • ENG-1389 Story - Show references names when validating a profile
  • ENG-1392 Story - Use rich text editor on all text areas
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