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2021-10-15 Release Notes

DateOct 15, 2021
21 issues

Important highlights from this release

  • Bug Fixes
  • UCC Profile Portal Features

All updates for this release


  • ENG-1367 Story - Flip user info block and Suran links in footer


  • ENG-1385 Bug - Name does not update to the profile you are viewing


  • ENG-1353 Bug - When switching 'Member Changes' behavior, Engage does not update to show the change.

UCC Profiles Portal

  • API-865 Bug - The Standard role is given to individuals in a UCC database if the API was previously connected to a non-UCC database
  • API-844 Story - Handle fetching and saving record of UCC terms agreement
  • API-851 Story - Return if a minister has a profile submitted for validation or that has been approved in the last 90 days
  • API-854 Story - Endpoint to fetch gender options
  • API-855 Story - Endpoint to get heritages for UCC
  • ENG-1300 Story - Add Optional Demographics to Personal Profile
  • ENG-1312 Story - Ability to validate profiles
  • ENG-1313 Story - Ability to submit an updated profile
  • ENG-1315 Story - Add content to the minister profile
  • ENG-1316 Story - Require accepting standard terms of use when first logging into the UCC Engage site
  • ENG-1325 Story - Add a rich editor to reference questions
  • ENG-1336 Story - Update "Personal Profile" section on the UCC home page
  • ENG-1364 Story - Prevent changes to profile or references if it's been less than 90 days since a profile passed validation
  • ENG-1366 Story - Ability to set a primary email for an individual
  • ENG-1368 Story - Use rich text editor for Validator Notes
  • ENG-1386 Story - Save and Load Optional Demographics in database
  • ENG-1387 Story - Add page to view a minister's profile
  • ENG-1390 Story - Hide buttons to set profile to completed in production
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