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2021-09-29 Release Notes

DateSep 29, 2021
90 issues

This page also includes a series of small releases between 2021-08-04 and 2021-09-13.

Important highlights from this release

  1. Improved masking for credit card numbers in giving
  2. The ability for an individual to edit their name
  3. URL short codes (requires CDM+ 12.0 or later)
  4. Bug fixes and minor enhancements
  5. Initial UCC Profiles Portal Alpha Release

All updates for this release


  • ENG-1284 Bug - The button to create a new payment method in Billing need more padding


  • ENG-1317 Story - Add a link to our privacy policy to the bottom of each Engage page

DOC Ministers

  • API-820 Story - Return hasstanding as a property of DOC Ministers
  • API-821 Story - Include the church position begin and end dates
  • API-822 Story - Include ethnic codes in the DOC Minister endpoint


  • ENG-1256 Bug - Link to giving page from admin settings is broken
  • ENG-1271 Bug - Create a Gift button is still visible on login page when SST credentials are removed
  • ENG-1290 Bug - Giving url with params gives error in development environment
  • ENG-1329 Bug - Wrong account selected when submitting multiple gift edits
  • API-838 Story - Endpoint to be able to resend gift confirmation email


  • ENG-1330 Bug - When resetting password two times in a row, the password & confirm password fields are pre-populated
  • ENG-1183 Story - Add custom offline fallback page to maintain PWA installability in Chrome
  • ENG-1263 Story - Automatically log in after successful password reset
  • ENG-1327 Story - Hotfix issue warning banner to Engage production for h25


  • ENG-958 Story - Shorten lengths of urls with unique codes


  • ENG-1334 Bug - Edit button on Address box is close to the bottom edge if all 3 address lines are populated
  • ENG-1307 Story - Ability to edit your name from your Profile
  • ENG-1322 Story - Update name on profile card to include all name parts


  • API-720 Bug - Invalid Date can be used to create an invoice in receipts


  • ENG-1252 Bug - Accessing Admin setting in the User Portal throws an error

UCC Profiles Portal

  • ENG-1205 Story - Work with Oxford Documents to automate background checks
  • ENG-1232 Story - Mock-up to view the UCC snapshot
  • ENG-1243 Story - Integrate with API endpoint to save snapshot visibility
  • ENG-1244 Story - Integrate with API endpoint to save geographic availability
  • ENG-1245 Story - UI to initiate background check
  • ENG-1246 Story - UI to contact references
  • ENG-1247 Story - UI to respond to reference requests
  • ENG-1255 Story - Add page to search snapshots
  • ENG-1257 Story - Make clicking a user's name on search page open their snapshot
  • ENG-1259 Story - Use endpoint to update basic minister snapshot info
  • ENG-1260 Story - Change layout of UCC home page to look good regardless of roles
  • ENG-1261 Story - Integration with API endpoint to update availability info
  • ENG-1262 Story - Integration with API endpoint to update authorization and standing
  • ENG-1266 Story - Ability to remove a previously contacted reference
  • ENG-1267 Story - Ability to resend an email to a previously contacted reference
  • ENG-1268 Story - Ability to view details of a previously contacted reference
  • ENG-1269 Story - Update parseDateFromTimestamp for dates in the last week
  • ENG-1270 Story - Integration with API endpoint that gets minister snapshot data from view
  • ENG-1273 Story - Add picture for reference when one exists
  • ENG-1274 Story - Prompt reference to complete address information when they log in for the first time
  • ENG-1276 Story - Load languages using MCS
  • ENG-1277 Story - Load skills with MCS
  • ENG-1278 Story - Move "contact a new reference" UI to a modal
  • ENG-1291 Story - Integration with API endpoint to save gifts and talents info
  • ENG-1292 Story - Load conferences from region records
  • ENG-1298 Story - Move Contact Information from Snapshot to a dedicated Personal Profile page
  • ENG-1299 Story - Move Geographic Availability to its own section
  • ENG-1301 Story - Move the visibility toggle to interact off the overview page
  • ENG-1303 Story - Ability to save a reference without marking it complete
  • ENG-1304 Story - Match reference form validation and additional information to legacy system
  • ENG-1306 Story - Calculate if geographic availability is completed
  • ENG-1308 Story - Ability to initialize search and call
  • ENG-1309 Story - Ability to withdraw from search and call
  • ENG-1310 Story - Ability to submit a profile for validation
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