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2021-08-03 Release Notes

DateAug 3, 2021
20 issues

This page includes a series of small releases between 2021-07-08 and 2021-08-03.

Important highlights from this release

  1. DOC Minister endpoint
  2. Optimize browsing groups with a large number of members by adding pagination
  3. Bug fixes and internal enhancements

All updates for this release

DOC Ministers

  • API-804 Story - Include connected church data with DOC Ministers
  • API-814 Story - Include historical indicators in church positions

Data Access

  • API-805 Story - Standardize source in api


  • FER-180 Story - Use ferretdev database for tests


  • API-796 Story - Document how to authenticate to Suran API


  • API-818 Bug - Sources are displayed incorrectly on guest emails


  • ENG-1250 Bug - Displaying groups with large number of members can cause an error on Apple devices


  • ENG-1249 Story - Remove port 9443 from ferret calls


  • ENG-1229 Story - Engage Home page


  • API-803 Story - Remove port 9443 from ferret calls

Push Notifications

  • FER-183 Bug - Cannot set database to show mobile reminders


  • API-795 Story - Endpoint to get doc_minister records

Single Event Registration Tool

  • WMT-1536 Bug - SERT Activity selection lists don't show the full value when shrunk

Suran Administration

  • WMT-1539 Story - Remove port 9443 from ferret calls

Tool Rendering

  • WMT-1540 Bug - Rendering a widget doesn't handle an error fetching slugs from ferret

UCC Profiles Portal

  • ENG-1230 Story - Build a mockup of the UCC Profile Portal Home Page
  • ENG-1231 Story - Mock-up to edit the UCC snapshot
  • ENG-1240 Story - Add menu items and placeholder routes for UCC pages that respond to an individual's role(s)
  • ENG-1241 Story - Determine UCC environment from customversion returned with /system call

WMT Administration

  • WMT-1489 Bug - Consigning a database before deleting the WMT account causes an error
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