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2021-07-08 Release Notes

DateJul 8, 201
13 issues

Important highlights from this release

  1. Online registration now allows selecting available gender choices
  2. Internal fixes and enhancements

All updates for this release


  • FER-178 Story - Update inservice bandwidth numbers endpoint to include all testing numbers

Data Hosting

  • FER-177 Story - Return additional metadata from the databases endpoint


  • FER-163 Story - Setup ferretdev
  • FER-164 Story - Make sure all dev and testing databases have a mobile.provisionlookup record in ferreta
  • FER-170 Story - Move ferret to port 443


  • API-796 Story - Document how to authenticate to Suran API


  • FER-171 Bug - Including a space with the YES or NO response to a text giving prompt causes command not found error
  • FER-175 Story - Only validate sms giving number against current ferret environment


  • API-795 Story - Endpoint to get doc_minister records

Single Event Registration Tool

  • WMT-1534 Bug - The "Text for Confirmation Page" is not retaining the formatting that was put in WMT
  • WMT-1538 Bug - Activity category notes don't appear without an activity header
  • WMT-1520 Story - Ability to select which gender choices appear on a Single Event Registration Tool

WMT Administration

  • WMT-1535 Story - Update width of option select lists to be dynamic based on content
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