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2021-06-15 Release Notes

DateJun 15, 2021
42 issues

Important highlights from this release

  1. Engage now offers a new navigation menu giving you access to features with fewer clicks
  2. The look and feel in Settings has been standardized and updated
  3. Page headers have been standardized throughout Engage
  4. Online registrations will now display event times localized to the current time zone (requires CDM+ 11.2.0 Beta 1 or later)
  5. Numerous fixes and minor enhancements

Linking Registrations to Membership

Deprecated Feature

This update deprecates the option to lookup an individual record in Membership directly through a Single Event Registration Tool. This features presents a security risk if both:

  1. Lookups are enabled
  2. Registration is public

New tools will no longer have the option to link to Membership. Existing tools will retain this option, but if the option is set to hide this lookup and the tool is saved, the option will no longer be available.

Use Engage

Registrations created through Engage will link to the logged-in individual. This is the preferred method to replace the previous feature. An upcoming enhancement to Engage will allow registering multiple individuals from a household to link registrations for families, children, etc.

Eventually, the lookup feature will be removed entirely from existing online registrations. It is recommend you begin promoting registration through Engage as a preferred means of registration for your members.

All updates for this release


  • ENG-1233 Bug - Billing shows an invalid date when there is no payment
  • ENG-1051 Story - Allow SUF billing contact to access billing
  • ENG-1101 Story - Overhaul the Engage navigation menu
  • ENG-1198 Story - Hide Billing when an individual is not linked to any customers

COG Women's Tool

  • WMT-1521 Bug - Women's report preview link does not load


  • WMT-1527 Story - wmtdev is thrashing the disk on grogu


  • ENG-1159 Bug - Giving pages formatting is bad on smaller screens
  • ENG-1174 Bug - Deleting a primary email does not sync new one to SST


  • API-790 Bug - mobile 2.3 cannot access terms


  • ENG-1118 Story - Merge the page section header into the navigation bar on Desktop/Tablet

Payment Administration

  • ENG-1214 Bug - Search Transacation 'Amount' and '#' columns do not sort correctly

Payment System

  • API-779 Bug - Response code descriptions aren't displayed correctly in Search Transactions
  • API-685 Story - Retry reCAPTCHA verification call if there is an error the first time
  • API-788 Story - Create a giving unit for SUF customers and link to users based on address id
  • ENG-969 Story - Prevent attempting to create donor if required data is not available
  • WMT-1461 Story - Retry reCAPTCHA verification call if there is an error the first time
  • WMT-1492 Story - Hide test mode


  • ENG-1066 Bug - Empty row remains after deleting a phone number or email address
  • ENG-1204 Story - Prevent deleting email if it is the last one


  • API-789 Bug - The /registrations endpoint can throw an error when event columns do not match cached column information
  • ENG-1219 Bug - Events with start and end dates only display starting date
  • ENG-1220 Bug - Event times are not displayed correctly
  • API-781 Story - Remove references to old event columns

Session Management

  • ENG-1117 Story - Eliminate the slug Cookie


  • ENG-1200 Bug - Accessible groups are not updated after changing admin settings
  • ENG-1119 Story - Reformat Settings
  • ENG-1120 Story - Require an action to "unlock" changing the Engage URL

Single Event Registration Tool

  • WMT-1483 Bug - SERT activity page column sizes do not take into account number of attendees
  • WMT-1491 Bug - Birthday year select list displays in ascending order when only one attendee is allowed
  • WMT-1494 Bug - Processing Fee shows on activity page even if there isn't one chosen making the Total seem incorrect
  • WMT-1524 Bug - Event Registration shows an event as full, but Next Step button is active allowing a person to make a payment for the event.
  • WMT-1528 Bug - Activities are not saved correctly when registering quickly
  • WMT-1532 Bug - Cannot save a SERT for a database without SST credentials
  • WMT-1457 Story - Compare the registration deadline using the user's preferred time zone
  • WMT-1510 Story - Set Link to Membership to not link for new tools
  • WMT-1511 Story - Hide the Link to Membership option when set to not link
  • WMT-1519 Story - Remove all references to old event columns

Tech Stack

  • ENG-687 Story - Replace ember-rl-dropdown with ember-basic-dropdown
  • API-775 Story - Update pg gem to 0.21.0
  • API-786 Story - Update test config to use cdmdata_members_test on
  • WMT-1523 Story - Make test and wmtdev environments use web_access database on grogu

WMT Administration

  • WMT-1488 Story - Eliminate toolkits
  • WMT-1518 Story - Speed up loading existing tools
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