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2021-02-23 Release Notes

DateFeb 23, 2021
13 issues

Important highlights from this release

This update includes bug fixes and internal improvements to prepare for new features.

There is one new user-facing feature. Scheduled Gifts now display which gifts have fee assist enabled.

All updates for this release

Error Handling

  • API-724 Story - Make sure all errors are returned with status 422 using the unprocessable function


  • API-746 Bug - Giving fund is not validated prior to processing transaction
  • ENG-1125 Bug - When viewing giving set detail in admin, if you navigate to a different section and then back, the set is still selected
  • ENG-1151 Bug - Cannot select different funds when editing a scheduled gift
  • API-757 Story - Enhance all_recuring_gifts_serializer to return which gifts already have fee assist
  • ENG-1131 Story - Display which gifts have fee assist enabled in scheduled gifts table


  • ENG-1152 Bug - The "Sign In" button is not disabled after the first click


  • ENG-995 Story - Eliminate manually transitioning to a /loading route

Payment Administration

  • ENG-1128 Bug - Change message for "last gift date" of expiring card that has no previous gifts
  • ENG-1156 Bug - Refunding a transaction does not work

Payment System

  • ENG-1111 Story - Use helpers in payment controller
  • ENG-1112 Story - Separate payment page component into more components

Tech Stack

  • ENG-1093 Story - Identify Engage code cleanup stories
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