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2021-02-03 Release Notes

DateFeb 3, 2021
45 issues

Important highlights from this release

  1. Fee Assist is now available for text gifts
  2. Offer to enable Fee Assist on recurring and future gifts by default
  3. Polish and refinements to data tables (invoices, payments, transactions, giving history, etc.)
  4. Redirect Engage displayed in an iframe to a new window
  5. Various fixes and internal improvements

All updates for this release


  • ENG-1024 Bug - Billing URL loads even if billing is disabled
  • ENG-1096 Bug - Saving Engage Billing Settings with surcharge amount(s), but no account(s) defined should warn the user
  • ENG-1099 Story - Align buttons on billing details
  • ENG-1100 Story - Add search and pagination to invoices and payments

Congregational Profile

  • WMT-1470 Bug - Congregational Profile page Title needs to be enhanced when viewing on a phone or in a narrow window

Data Access

  • API-735 Story - Return multiple date formats at the same time
  • API-749 Story - Return multiple currency formats at the same time


  • API-743 Bug - Inactive giving funds are returned with a giving set
  • ENG-1084 Bug - Giving history is available to users that do not have Contributions
  • ENG-1116 Bug - Editing a recurring gift after the payment account has been deleted does not prompt for new account
  • ENG-1129 Bug - Cannot edit future gifts that have an ending date
  • ENG-1132 Bug - Editing a one-time future gift displays incorrect information
  • API-713 Story - Handle text gifts with fee assist
  • API-726 Story - Endpoint to enable fee assist for multiple recurring gifts
  • API-739 Story - When creating new individual after guest gift with fee assist, set fee assist default to all gifts
  • API-748 Story - Enhance endpoint that enables fee assist for all recurring gifts to eliminate unnecessary params
  • API-754 Story - Validate Text gift amount minimum using total with fee assist
  • API-755 Story - Enhance description endpoint to return whether user can use fee assist with text giving
  • API-756 Story - Enhance /description endpoint to automatically return false for fee_assist.enabled when fund is 0
  • ENG-1055 Story - Default settings for Fee Assist
  • ENG-1057 Story - Add a button to enable Fee Assist on all active recurring gifts
  • ENG-1058 Story - When making the first donation with fee assist, offer to enable on all gifts
  • ENG-1088 Story - Merge new-gift and edit-gift routes to clean up code
  • ENG-1090 Story - Clean up submitting gift code
  • ENG-1138 Story - Limit fee assist preferences when text giving is not an option
  • ENG-1139 Story - Validate Engage gift amount minimum using total with fee assist
  • ENG-1145 Story - Remove $1.00 per fund minimum, validate total amount instead


  • ENG-1108 Story - Make sure all tables are able to search a variety of date formats
  • ENG-1109 Story - Make sure all tables are able to search a variety of price formats


  • API-740 Bug - Resetting a password doesn't handle when the code is blank in the database

Login System

  • WMT-1473 Bug - Login settings page tries to load for user widgets that have been deleted

Payment Administration

  • ENG-1091 Story - Use reusable components for expiring credit cards

Payment System

  • API-742 Bug - Get error if transactiondate is null
  • API-723 Story - Return account type with GET account_schedules endpoint
  • API-747 Story - Remove unnecessary params in create_transactions function in transaction model
  • ENG-1089 Story - Merge payment-method routes for giving, events, and billing


  • API-707 Story - api should return 422 if provision is for wrong database
  • API-727 Story - Have hosting7 and hosting21 always use ferret approval


  • FER-162 Bug - Clearing the redis cache causes the api not to be able to connect to a database


  • ENG-1087 Bug - Giving Settings can be accessed directly through URL when giving is false
  • ENG-1121 Bug - Fonts on billing settings are different from other settings
  • API-731 Story - API changes for default fee assist settings
  • ENG-1097 Story - Rename setup options

System Requirements

  • ENG-1074 Story - When Engage is shown in an iframe, display link to open in new window

Tech Stack

  • ENG-1102 Story - Don't render grecaptcha in testing environment
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