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2020-12-15 Release Notes

DateDec 15, 2020
39 issues

Important highlights from this release

  1. Add Invoices and Payments to Engage Billing, including the ability to print receipts
  2. Port Billing setup to Engage
  3. Separate payment types for credit/debit card and ACH gifts
  4. Sort order on giving sets
  5. Add Employee ID to the printed payroll stub
  6. Redirect payment administration and Engage setup to Engage for users on 11.1 or later
  7. Enable access to the COG Women's Tool, Calendar Tool, Congregational Profile Tool, and Single Event Registration tool based on serial number
  8. Limit features in People when you don't own Membership
  9. Hide payment options on registration tools when you don't own Engage Complete

All updates for this release


  • ENG-657 Story - Show invoices through Engage Billing
  • API-710 Story - Endpoint to return invoice information
  • API-712 Story - Return if billing is enabled
  • API-715 Story - Endpoints for Engage Billing settings
  • API-716 Story - Endpoint to return payment information
  • API-721 Story - Default sort payments and invoices by date descending
  • API-719 Story - Create a engage.payment_settings record for surcharge if it doesn't exist and allow making payments without an income accout
  • ENG-1021 Story - Check for Engage Billing setup when accessing billing
  • ENG-1022 Story - Port Engage Billing setup to Engage
  • ENG-1049 Story - Show payments in Engage Billing
  • ENG-1050 Story - Ability to print a receipt for Engage Billing payments
  • ENG-1070 Story - Make the date format uniform across all of Engage by updating the Billing format to match Giving and Payroll
  • ENG-1092 Story - Add check number and bank number to details page for non-Engage payment

COG Women's Tool

  • WMT-1453 Story - Enable the Women's tool for all COG Regional with Engage Complete

Calendar Tool

  • WMT-1455 Story - Provide access to the Calendar tool if the user owns Roommate and some Engage plan, not based on the toolkit

Congregational Profile

  • WMT-1466 Bug - Navigation menu for congregational profile disappears when width is small
  • WMT-1468 Bug - Navigation menu is moving up and down a line depending upon the page it is on in Congregational Profile
  • WMT-1454 Story - Enable the Congregational Profile based on serial number
  • WMT-1463 Story - Add validation that integer inputs are integers for congregational profile


  • API-711 Bug - Change notification emails always say the record was changed by the provision description


  • ENG-1040 Bug - Direct URL to giving set with no funds does not redirect
  • ENG-816 Story - Add different Payment Types for ACH and Credit Card so users can differentiate between them
  • ENG-1019 Story - Implement giving set sort order


  • ENG-1073 Story - Enhance error when individual tries to access admin page without admin role
  • ENG-1080 Story - Add a back button from detail pages to the main page

Payment System

  • API-729 Bug - Search transactions is showing the wrong donor information (deployed 2020-12-17)


  • ENG-1045 Story - Add employee ID to the printable check stub


  • ENG-722 Story - Hide 'relationships' header when there are none to display
  • ENG-781 Story - Hide gender when the user doesn't own Membership
  • ENG-782 Story - Disable uploading photos when you don't own Membership
  • ENG-783 Story - Disable groups when you don't own Membership
  • ENG-1081 Story - Prevent viewing other individuals when organization does not have membership

Session Management

  • API-718 Bug - Error loading Engage if there is no engage.staff_email_address record


  • ENG-1085 Bug - Unable to use default logo
  • ENG-1042 Story - Disable group settings when you don't own Membership

Single Event Registration Tool

  • WMT-1456 Story - Hide all payment options on the SERT when there is no SST account
  • WMT-1464 Story - Provide access to the SERT if the user owns registration, not based on the toolkit


  • API-717 Story - Include fgsystem.membership value with /description endpoint

Tech Stack

  • ENG-964 Story - Have ember tables use the generic component
  • WMT-1467 Story - Make sure engage_forms is set to true for each forms test

WMT Administration

  • WMT-1465 Story - For users on at least 11.1, redirect to Engage when accessing tools/settings that have already been ported
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