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2020-11-17 Release Notes

DateNov 17, 2020
18 issues

Important highlights from this release

  1. Fee Assist
  2. Giving setup within Engage
  3. Self-enrollment in Text Giving
  4. Deposit information and CDM+ record information on payment details
  5. Automatic access to features based on program serialization
  6. Default description for a one-time charge

All updates for this release


  • FER-71 Story - Endpoint to get suggested numbers if one with area code is not found
  • FER-111 Story - Update how text giving works
  • FER-156 Story - Add the message ID to error emails


  • ENG-990 Story - Provide access to online billing based on the serialization


  • ENG-1025 Bug - Recurring setup records created in CDM+ are listed in Engage
  • ENG-1067 Bug - "Give Again" for a gift with fee assist shows offset as a fund rather than the fee
  • ENG-541 Story - Fee Assist core features
  • ENG-991 Story - Provide access to online giving based on serialization
  • ENG-992 Story - Provide access to registration based on serialization

Payment Administration

  • ENG-996 Story - Add ledger information to transaction details
  • ENG-1003 Story - Add details about the CDM+ record to payment details

Payment System

  • API-691 Story - Add default description to one time charge if none is provided
  • ENG-1004 Story - Add a note to the one-time charge page about what it doesn't do

Session Management

  • API-697 Story - Reset session when call to public.setup_api_session fails


  • API-695 Story - Endpoint(s) to get Engage Giving settings
  • API-696 Story - Endpoint(s) to update Engage Giving settings
  • API-705 Story - Endpoint to update text giving number


  • ENG-961 Story - Ability to configure Engage Giving settings from Engage
  • ENG-1005 Story - Ability for users to enable text giving
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