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2020-09-30 Release Notes

DateSep 30, 2020
25 issues

Important highlights from this release

  1. Ability to refund charges from Payment Administration
  2. Internal enhancements
  3. Bug fixes

All updates for this release

Congregational Profile

  • WMT-1448 Bug - There is an issue where moving from one page to another via the Navigation menu does not work
  • WMT-1449 Bug - Financial data on page VII of Congregational Profile is truncating at the comma
  • WMT-1445 Story - Change Next button to Save and continue


  • FER-155 Story - Stub the email in the test where to and from are the same


  • API-631 Story - Configure apipie to accurately show v2 endpoints


  • API-595 Story - Move mass email controller to api v2


  • WMT-1441 Bug - Engage Description field does not update when switching a users database


  • API-694 Bug - Typo in live mode check causes transaction details to not show on email
  • ENG-966 Story - Prevent entering the organization's SMS number as your SMS number


  • API-633 Story - Handle a database being in maintenance mode in v2 login


  • ENG-977 Bug - Going to Engage with an invalid slug can show the session idle message prematurely

Payment Administration

  • ENG-973 Bug - The clear button (x) in Search Transactions Search field needs to be vertically centered
  • ENG-805 Story - Expose Payment Administration from WMT for admin users

Payment System

  • API-688 Story - Endpoint to refund a payment admin transaction


  • API-683 Story - Improve strategy for expiring cached individual pictures
  • ENG-982 Story - Fetch individual pictures from v2

Session Management

  • ENG-985 Bug - Can still access some information in one Engage tab after logging out in a separate tab
  • ENG-998 Bug - Requests can go to default host if initial Ferret call takes too long or fails
  • API-614 Story - Move sessions controller to api v2
  • API-687 Story - Make sure all v2 code references the individual_id_v2 session key
  • API-689 Story - Rename session[:provision] for v2 purposes
  • ENG-861 Story - Update Engage requests to endpoints in sessions_controller

Single Event Registration Tool

  • WMT-1437 Story - Handle when get_program_number is nil

Suran Administration

  • WMT-1458 Bug - Slugs can be saved with capital letters

Tech Stack

  • API-610 Story - Move redis local controller to api v2
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