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2020-09-02 Release Notes

DateSep 2, 2020
39 issues

Important highlights from this release

  1. Add the total to multi-fund text gifts
  2. One-time charges in administration
  3. Backend upgrades and fixes

All updates for this release


  • API-682 Bug - Cannot load expiring credit card or search transactions page if donor name is nil


  • API-673 Story - Do not insert transaction record for fee when billing payment has no fee
  • API-675 Story - Update key used to fetch asset account for billing payments


  • API-580 Story - Move churches controller to api v2

Congregational Profile

  • WMT-1444 Bug - Can't go to second page of congregational profile
  • WMT-1429 Story - Handle when params[:congregational_profile] is nil


  • API-595 Story - Move mass email controller to api v2


  • API-668 Bug - Setting a preferred account in test mode saves to accountguid
  • API-676 Bug - Rework the way that we get transaction information for recurring emails
  • API-684 Bug - Cannot do multiple text gifts if a 11.0.3 database does text giving first
  • ENG-971 Bug - When going to the Payment Methods page after creating a new account, they see a message that reads 'You do not have any Accounts'
  • ENG-972 Bug - When creating a new Payment Method, giver sees message "Create Account?"
  • API-664 Story - Update guest gift email Transaction Reference Number to Account Schedule GUID
  • API-680 Story - Include the total amount when confirming a multi-fund text gift
  • ENG-834 Story - Update Engage requests to endpoints in account_schedules_controller
  • ENG-858 Story - Update Engage requests to endpoints in recent_contributions_controller

Master Coding System

  • API-596 Story - Move master codes controller to api v2

Payment Administration

  • ENG-975 Bug - Searching on number with a decimal in the Search Transaction table does not provide results

Payment Methods

  • ENG-835 Story - Update Engage requests to endpoints in accounts_controller
  • ENG-863 Story - Update Engage requests to endpoints in sst_payment_methods_controller

Payment System

  • API-667 Story - Endpoint to process one time charge


  • ENG-970 Bug - User cannot update their profile picture in Engage
  • API-582 Story - Move contacts controller to api v2
  • API-598 Story - Move pastorals controller to api v2
  • ENG-837 Story - Update Engage requests to endpoints in churches_controller
  • ENG-838 Story - Update Engage requests to endpoints in contacts_controller
  • ENG-846 Story - Update Engage requests to endpoints in individual_groups_controller
  • ENG-847 Story - Update Engage requests to endpoints in individuals_controller
  • ENG-850 Story - Update Engage requests to endpoints in master_codes_controller


  • API-674 Bug - Creating an invoice with multiple lines does not assign the payment method properly
  • API-679 Bug - Receipt save only creates 1 breakdown if payment method is invoice

Single Event Registration Tool

  • WMT-1436 Bug - Clicking "Close Window" button after completing registration does not close the window
  • WMT-1442 Bug - Handle when a SERT guid no longer has a frevent connected


  • API-619 Story - Move users controller to api v2
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