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2020-08-11 Release Notes

DateAug 11, 2020
49 issues

Important highlights from this release

  1. Multi-fund text giving
  2. Engage setup in Engage
  3. Payment administration in Engage

All updates for this release


  • API-652 Story - Endpoint to get Engage settings
  • API-654 Story - Endpoint to update Engage settings


  • API-651 Story - Add the organization's logo to the footer on all emails

COG Women's Tool

  • WMT-1431 Story - Add reCAPTCHA to Women's Report

Congregational Profile

  • WMT-1429 Story - Handle when params[:congregational_profile] is nil
  • WMT-1430 Story - Use column default if congregational profile param is nil

Giver's Portal

  • WMT-1438 Story - Redirect Single Giving and Giver's Portal tools to Engage


  • API-663 Bug - Gift emails are not sent for anonymous givers
  • ENG-957 Bug - Cannot search by month abbreviation on giving history
  • ENG-959 Bug - Email addresses on giving profile display vertically offset
  • ENG-962 Bug - Active Recurring Gifts table column for next gift date is labeled "Start Date"
  • ENG-965 Bug - Giving funds are visible when redirected after creating a new payment method
  • API-586 Story - Move giving detail controller to api v2
  • API-588 Story - Move giving sets controller to api v2
  • API-589 Story - Move giving units controller to api v2
  • API-608 Story - Move recent contributions controller to api v2
  • API-615 Story - Move single gifts controller to api v2
  • API-616 Story - Move sms_gift controller to api v2
  • API-649 Story - Add ip validation to sms gift endpoints
  • API-655 Story - Remove sms_gift_controller in v1
  • API-662 Story - When no giving set exists, create the default set with all active giving funds
  • ENG-842 Story - Update Engage requests to endpoints in giving_detail_controller
  • ENG-844 Story - Update Engage requests to endpoints in giving_sets_controller
  • ENG-845 Story - Update Engage requests to endpoints in giving_units_controller
  • ENG-862 Story - Update Engage requests to endpoints in single_gifts_controller
  • ENG-903 Story - Add notes to giving history details
  • ENG-904 Story - Add an End Date column to the Schedule Gift table


  • ENG-281 Story - Require a user to login in again after 30 minutes of inactivity

Payment System

  • ENG-938 Bug - Error alert for missing reCAPTCHA token does not display specific message
  • API-575 Story - Move the account schedules controller to api v2
  • API-576 Story - Move the accounts controller to api v2
  • API-617 Story - Move sst payment methods to api v2
  • API-656 Story - Endpoint to get transactions from date search
  • API-660 Story - Return detail info with transaction
  • ENG-946 Story - Enhance the searching capability of Payment Administration beyond Transaction Date
  • ENG-947 Story - Display the record description and donor's name in payment administration search results


  • ENG-937 Bug - Paystub has two pages on Mobile


  • API-661 Bug - Mobile iOS shows empty personal info for individual
  • ENG-935 Bug - Engage hangs after editing church on the profile page
  • API-591 Story - Move individuals group controller to api v2
  • API-592 Story - Move individuals controller to api v2
  • API-613 Story - Move reminders controller to api v2
  • API-620 Story - Move visitations controller to api v2

Session Management

  • ENG-960 Bug - Engage does not handle errors returned from /session endpoint
  • API-653 Story - Go to ferretapproval for verification code on cdm slug
  • ENG-864 Story - Update Engage requests to endpoints in system_controller


  • ENG-804 Story - Expose Engage settings from WMT for admin users

Single Event Registration Tool

  • WMT-1435 Bug - SERT is not recognizing the Registration Deadline Time
  • WMT-1432 Story - Add reCAPTCHA to SERT
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