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2020-06-17 Web Release Notes

DateJun 17, 2020
Issues75 issues


This update includes a number of internal fixes and enhancements for upcoming features.

Important highlights from this release

  1. Internet Explorer 11 is not longer supported for Engage
  2. Speed increases throughout Engage 

All updates for this release


  • API-578 Story - Move the attendance group controller to api v2
  • API-579 Story - Move attendances controller to api v2


  • API-583 Story - Move customers controller to api v2
  • API-599 Story - Move payments controller to api v2
  • ENG-839 Story - Update Engage requests to endpoints in customers_controller
  • ENG-851 Story - Update Engage requests to endpoints in payments_controller


  • API-594 Story - Move logo controller to api v2


  • API-581 Story - Move cicos controller to api v2

Congregational Profile

  • WMT-1399 Story - Update the Sabbatical Months field in Section XIV of the Congregation Profile Tool
  • WMT-1424 Story - Handle no HTTP REFERER header when redirecting back in congregational profile print

Data Access

  • ENG-870 Story - Use info from Ferret to talk directly to correct API host instead of


  • WMT-1422 Bug - Slug format validation is not enforced when updating from Engage portal
  • WMT-1376 Story - Default Engage description to the organization username


  • API-584 Story - Move engage forms controller to api v2
  • ENG-840 Story - Update Engage requests to endpoints in engage_forms_controller
  • WMT-1405 Story - Handle saving encrypted inputs without submitting


  • API-623 Bug - Contributions tab is blank
  • ENG-869 Bug - Sorting Gift Date and amount is not working as expected
  • ENG-891 Bug - Direct links to a giving set should not require logging in
  • ENG-522 Story - Add a link to recurring online giving notices to manage the recurring gift
  • API-574 Story - Move recurring email endpoint to api v2
  • API-624 Story - Handle when an individual has no giving unit for giving history
  • API-627 Story - Remove v1 send_recurring_email endpoint
  • API-630 Story - Return null for contribution_history for SUF users
  • ENG-867 Story - Don't show the giving history tab for SUF users
  • ENG-917 Story - Remind active donors with expiring accounts to update their payment information


  • ENG-913 Bug - When clicking the 'Sign In' button on the login screen, you do not get any feedback as if a Return or a click has initiated the login process
  • API-593 Story - Move login recovery controller to api v2


  • ENG-896 Bug - There is no separator line between the list of options for the Giving area and People area
  • ENG-912 Bug - Active page indicator does not appear in menu for "My Billing"
  • ENG-617 Story - Make borders in Engage navigation menu consistent

Payment Administration

  • ENG-806 Story - Report of upcoming and recent card expirations

Payment System

  • WMT-1418 Bug - Handle nil return from donorsTransactionHistory
  • API-517 Story - Clear accountguid on giving unit record if removing an account from Engage
  • API-545 Story - Check to see if accountscheduleguid is valid before trying to cancel
  • API-629 Story - Endpoint to get recently expired and expiring credit cards


  • API-600 Story - Move payroll checks controller to api v2
  • API-601 Story - Move payroll controller to api v2
  • API-602 Story - Move payroll deductions controller to api v2
  • API-603 Story - Move payroll details controller to api v2
  • API-604 Story - Move payroll masters controller to api v2
  • API-605 Story - Move payroll ytd controller to api v2
  • API-606 Story - Move payrolls controller to api v2
  • ENG-852 Story - Update Engage requests to endpoints in payroll_checks_controller
  • ENG-853 Story - Update Engage requests to endpoints in payroll_deductions_controller
  • ENG-854 Story - Update Engage requests to endpoints in payroll_details_controller
  • ENG-855 Story - Update Engage requests to endpoints in payroll_masters_controller
  • ENG-856 Story - Update Engage requests to endpoints in payroll_ytd_controller
  • ENG-857 Story - Update Engage requests to endpoints in payrolls_controller
  • ENG-909 Story - Handle 401 for payroll requests


  • API-577 Story - Move the address controller to api v2


  • API-607 Story - Move provisions controller to api v2


  • API-543 Story - Set the due date to the invoice date for mobile receipts paid by Auto Draw or Credit Card
  • API-573 Story - Paginated payees should sort case insenstive
  • API-609 Story - Move receipts controller to api v2


  • API-522 Story - Handle error when there is no engage staff email for an event payment
  • API-585 Story - Move event registrations controller to api v2
  • API-612 Story - Move registrations controller to api v2

Session Management

  • API-632 Story - Bypass unnecessary before_actions for redis_local controller
  • API-636 Story - Clear v2 related session keys when logging out
  • API-638 Story - Standardize default database to be suran_api on localhost
  • API-640 Story - Verify provision matches when setting up API session
  • ENG-775 Story - Restructure routes to allow for a shared "authenticated" model
  • ENG-817 Story - Get provision from Ferret and include in API requests
  • ENG-874 Story - Handle when no provision data is returned from Ferret for a bad slug

Single Event Registration Tool

  • WMT-1423 Bug - Confirmation text doesn't appear on a rendered tool unless a signature is required
  • WMT-1428 Bug - Registering on WMT then engage for same event opens confirmation page
  • WMT-1413 Story - Hide hidden fields on registration notification
  • WMT-1417 Story - Handle when @ihSession["PartialPayment"] is nil in partialPaymentOfZero

Suran Administration

  • WMT-1421 Bug - Accessing a user page from Suran Administration generates a timeout error


  • API-618 Story - Move system controller to api v2

Tech Stack

  • ENG-901 Bug - Engage does not load on Internet Explorer
  • ENG-808 Story - Update to Ember 3.16 (LTS)
  • ENG-900 Story - Drop Internet Explorer from supported browsers and suggest Edge instead
  • WMT-1407 Story - Move tests to use cdmdata_members_test on
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