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Yearbook Statistics

CDM+ Regional for Disciples of Christ maintains congregation statistics from the Year Book and Directory on each congregations Church Record. Year Book data is prepared by the Office of the General Minister and President and then available for download to Regional databases.

Importing Year Book Data

Year Book data can be imported at any time. In order for the import to match statistics to a congregation, the church PIN must be complete and stored in the correct field of the Church Record.

CHURCH PINS SHOULD BE 6 DIGITS LONG. Add leading zeroes if necessary.

To import Year Book data, choose Utilities from the File menu. Scroll the list to find Import DOC Yearbook Statistics. Select it, and click the Run Special Function button. CDM+ will import Year Book data into your database.

Yearbook Data on the Church Record

Once imported, Year Book data is available for review on the Yearbook tab of the Church Record.

Choose a year to display from the list of Years shown. Note that this is the calendar year, not the publication title year of the Year Book. For example, by selecting 2017, you are displaying data for the year 2017, even though this data was published in the 2018 Year Book and Directory.

The Performance section shows reported membership and attendance data. Giving shows the giving reported by Disciples Mission Fund.

Special Giving allows a region to store other giving on the church record. The field names can be specified on the Yearbook section of Membership and Attendance in System Preferences.

Ranking provides the rank among all congregations, not just the region, for key Year Book statistics.

Yearbook Reports

Year Book reports are located in Reports > Membership > Yearbook Reports.

Ranking Report presents the list of congregations in descending order based a selected statistic. Choose the year for the report on the Search tab. Choose the statistic to be used for ranking on the Report tab. You can produce rankings for membership, district, per capita giving, and per capita outreach.

Congregational Record presents a history of Year Book statistics paged by congregation.

DMF Congregational History allows you to choose five years and presents DMF giving by congregations over the selected five years. Select the five years to be included from the Report tab. Congregations are grouped by section, district, or area with subtotals.

Querying Yearbook Data

Yearbook data can be queried using the Advanced Find/Search feature in CDM+. The following video demonstrates this feature, including these examples:

  • How to find churches who contributed to Disciples Outreach
  • How to find churches who reported weekly attendance of 40 or less

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