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Send Profiles

The Search and Call program in CDM+ does not actually send a profile to a search committee. The program instead marks profiles as having been sent. The Search and Call program prepares the profile for sending. Sending the profile is still a process that takes place outside the program.

Preparing PDFs, Printed Profiles, and Background Checks

The Search and Call program provides three methods for producing ministerial profiles in printed form or as PDF files for sending to search committees.

Profile Button

The Profile button in the sidebar of the Minister Records window will open a printable version of ministerial profile in the default PDF reading program. From this program, you can save a copy of the PDF for later sending or printing.

Print Button

As in all CDM+ programs, the Print button on the sidebar of the Minister Records window opens a list of available reports and exports. Choosing Minister Profile from that list will open the Minister Profile report window. At the lower right corner, two buttons let you choose whether to send the profile to a PDF file or a printer.

As part of printing the profile or sending it to a PDF, the system will open the Print Background Checks window.

Reports > Minister Profile

Selecting Minister Profile from the Reports / Search and Call menu functions the same as choosing the Print button on the Minister Records window, except that user sets search criteria for the profile(s) to be printed. The Print Background Checks window will also open when printing profiles using this process.

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