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Search and Call Reports

In addition to the ministerial profile, a number of helpful reports are available in the Search and Call program. These can all be accessed from the Print button on the Minister Records window and the Reports / Search and Call menu.

Minister Master Info

The Minister Master Info report presents detailed profile information for ministers selected by either the Standard or Advanced Search criteria. The report includes contact and preference information as well as a listing of churches where the minister’s profile has been flagged or sent.

Minister Listing

The Minister Listing presents a summary of profile information based on the search criteria. The summary includes the minister’s PIN, phone and email, and a summary of preferences.

Flagged Minister Report

The Flagged Ministers Report presents all ministers that have been flagged or sent for a ministry position according to the search criteria selected. One key difference is that the Standard Search dates are based on the dates that profiles were flagged or sent. The report can also be printed for selected ministers using the Standard Search criteria.

It is a good idea to print and store copies of the Flagged Ministers Report for all dates and all ministers on a regular basis. This will provide a historical record of profiles flagged for and sent to congregations. When a minister removes their profile from circulation, that profile then is removed from the regional Search and Call database. When that happens, the connection between that minister and congregation will be lost and the minister will no longer appear on the Flagged Minister Report.

Minister Export

The Minister Export allows the export of data from the Minister Record. The Standard Search criteria is based on dates of activity within the General Search and Call database or the Regional Search and Call database.

Flagged Minister Export

The Flagged Minister Export uses Standard Search criteria based on the dates when profiles were flagged or sent. More data is available for export than in the Minister Export. The Flagged Minister Export can create text files that contain not only Minister Record data but also data from Ministry Positions, Church Records, and the Flag Records that connect Minister records with Ministry Position records.

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