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Ministry Position Records

Ministry Position Records are the other key piece of the Search and Call program in CDM+. These records relate a search process and committee to a ministry position in a congregation that exists in the Church Records of the Membership program. Regions are responsible for all data in the Ministry Position Record. These are not shared with the General database or with any other regions.


The Church tab contains information about the congregation and the position to be filled. Contact information for the church comes from the Church Record, but the other data items are provided by the person creating the record.

When creating a new Ministry Position Record, use the Select Church button to choose the congregation and connect its Church Record with the new Ministry Position Record.

Position Information

  • Position—a free text field containing the title for the Ministry Position, for example, Senior Minister, Associate Minister.
  • Salary—a free text field that shows the salary range indicated by the search committee in the congregational profile.
  • Started Searching—contains the date the search began, such as the date the search committee was formed or the date they met with the regional minister for orientation.
  • Status—indicates the status of the congregational profile associated with this Ministry Position. Three status options are available: Preparing Documents, Circulating Documents, and Complete.


The region can enter notes about this ministry position on the Notes tab. These notes only pertain to the Ministry Position. They are not related to any Minister Records or flag records. Notes entered here are not shared with the search committee, the General database, or any other region.

Ministers Flagged/Sent

The Ministers Flagged/Sent tab displays a history of minister profile records that have been linked to this ministry position by being marked as either flagged or sent. The Clear button is used to clear the flag for a minister profile to this ministry position. The Send button marks either a selected minister profile or the entire list as sent to the committee for this ministry position.

The Create Individual button, located at the bottom of the Sent list, creates Address and Individual Records for a minister in CDM+ Membership. Regions use this function when a congregation has extended a call to a minister. 

To create the records in Membership, select the minister from the Sent list, and click Create Individual. The program will use information from the minister profile to create Address and Individual Records. In addition to populating contact information, the program will create a connection on the Individual Church tab to the church linked to the Ministry Position Record. It will fill the Position field with the Position from the Ministry Position Record. The program will also fill the Minister PIN on the DOC Minister tab, associating this individual with their data in the General Database. The region can then request oversight of the minister from the DOC Minister tab.

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