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Congregational Profile Tool In Search And Call

 Watch the Congregational Profile Tool webinar video

The Congregational Profile Web Ministry Tool allows the region to create a web-based tool that the search committee can use to build their congregational profile. Profiles that result from the tool are also web-based, readable in a browser on a computer, phone, or mobile device.

To begin using the Congregational Profile Tool, the region must first create a tool. Log into your Web Ministry Tools account and choose New Tool. Locate the Congregational Profile tool and click Create. Give the tool a meaningful name, as this will be displayed on the login screen that each search committee will use.

The Region only needs to create the Congregational Profile Tool once! Each search committee shares the same link to the tool.

After setting the Options, which consists only of the name for the tool, use the Publish link to see links to the tool.

Provide the Direct Link address to search committees. You can also use this address to create a link from your web site that all search committees can use.

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