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Committee Members In Search And Call

The Committee Members tab links members of the search committee for this Ministry Position with their Individual Record data in CDM+ Membership. The email address on the Committee Members tab is also the email address that the committee member will use to create their account for updating the web-based congregational profile. A radio button allows you to indicate which member serves as the chair of the committee.

To add committee members, click Change in the Ministry Position Records sidebar. Then click the Add Committee Member button at the bottom of the window. A Select Individual window opens for you to choose the Individual Record for this committee member. Use the search bar at the top to locate the Individual Record.

If a new Individual Record needs to be added, use the Add button in the sidebar of the Search Individuals window. Be sure to add an email address connected to the new Individual Record.

Drop the list in the Email column to select the email address that this committee member will use to create an account for the Congregational Profile Web Ministry Tool.

Click the check box or boxes that appropriately indicate the chair of the search committee.

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