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Export Contributions & Membership

Contribution & Membership recording in Quickbooks is generally done in Accounts Receivable with Donors set up as Customers. To export this information for conversion into CDM+ please generate a Customer Balance Detail Report according to the instructions below.

Customer Balance Detail Report

  1. Go to Reports

Within Quickbooks navigate to the “Reports” menu. This can usually be found at the top of the Quickbooks window

  1. Choose Customer Balance Detail Report

In the Reports menu, locate and select the “Customer Balance Detail” report

  1. Set Report Dates

Once you've selected the Customer Balance Detail report, you'll be prompted to set the report dates. Choose the date range for which you want to export

  1. Customize Report

Please customize the report to include the following columns:



Num (generally check #)


Name Address

Name City

Name State

Name Zip

Name Contact

Name Phone #

Name Email

Name Account #

Class (generally represents giving fund category)

Payment Method


  1. Run Report

Once your report is customized to contain the aforementioned data points, click on the “Run Report” button to generate the Customer Balance Detail Report

  1. Save Report

Click the “Export” button, selection “Excel” as the export format

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