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How to Enter Contributions from Contribution Records

Go to Program → Contributions → Contribution Records.

  1. On the sidebar, click Add

  2. Under Contribution, enter the desired information

    • Deposit Date: The date the contribution was deposited
    • Contribution Date: The date the contribution was given
    • Event: The event at which the contributions were made.
    • Asset: The chart of accounts number that is associated with the bank account where the deposit was made. This will open a popup window.
    • Batch: Since this is not being entered in Batch Contributions, this is blank.

  3. Under Giving Unit, begin typing the last name of the desired Giving Unit, and click tab on the keyboard

    You can also click the List button and select the Giving Unit from the popup window that will appear.

  4. Under Payment, select Type from the dropdown

  5. Under Total, enter the total amount of all contributions the giving unit gave for this entry

  6. Under Detail, fill in the desired information

    • Giving Fund: Select a giving fund from the dropdown
    • Amount: The total contribution
    • * checkbox: Check if contribution is not tax deductible
    • Note: Add any notes about the contribution if needed

  7. Under Memo, add check memo, or other notes, if applicable

  8. On the sidebar, click Save

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