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Comparative Contribution Reports

These reports add specific contribution information to the general identification information that is printed.

Composite by Giver

Provides total giving by giving unit. User selects funds to detail. User can also configure ranges.

Composite by Date

Similar to above, but provides total giving by date (either offering or deposit). User selects funds to detail. User can also con-figure ranges. Great for analysis of seasonal giving trends.

Actual vs. Pledged

Provides detailed look at specific pledge FUND. Shows total pledge, giving todate, pledge to date, and status (over/under). User may elect to include pledgers only, non-pledgers only, or both.

Report option to “Page by Frequency” applies to “Those with pledge” only.

Totals by Month

Provides totals, either money given or count of gifts, by month. User can select starting month – great for fiscal years other than calendar. User can select funds to report on. This report also computes a monthly average.

Giving Range

Ideal for showing how many give between $1 and $52, $53 and $104, and so on – but note, this report is based on total giving. User selects date range to base report on, selects fund(s) to include, and sets up the giving ranges.

History Comparison

Based upon Giving History files. User selects which History years to compare. Can print totals only or detail by giving unit. User also selects which funds to include.

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