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About Batch Contribution Entry

 Watch the CDM+ Batch Contributions Entry Display Video

The Batch Contributions Entry window is the quickest and easiest way to enter contributions in CDM+. A batch is a group of contributions defined in any number of ways. In a small- to medium-sized church, all the offerings may be entered as a single batch. In a larger church, contributions may be grouped in smaller quantities which makes it easier to check accuracy of data entry and allows the work to be shared among several persons. Reports for contributions entered this way can be generated by batch entry. Information common to batches include offering and deposit date. You may create an optional Batch Code to help differentiate multiple batches for one date.

Control methods provide additional assurance of accuracy of data entry. Default funds can be specified for a batch, which is a great time saver if all contributions to be entered are to the same funds. However, all funds are available during entry, even if this option is used.

Several preferences options (CDM+ System Preferences > Contributions) control additional actions affecting Batch Contributions Entry.

Click on the Entry icon to specify settings during entry—how giver’s names appear, default payment type, whether to automatically load pledges, etc.

Click on the Batches icon to specify how batches appear—including how many batches to show on the entry window and whether to show or hide control methods and batch codes. In addition, the default fund can be automatically loaded to a detail line for the selected batch.

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