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Check-In/Check-Out Reports

Check-In/Check-Out includes two specialized reports as well as some standard reports. You can get to the reports by clicking the Reports tab on the Welcome to Check-In/Check-Out window, or through the Reports menu in CDM+.

The specialized reports are Check-In/Check-Out Log and Current Check-In/Check-Out Log. The Check-In/Check-Out Log report provides information about Check-In/Check-Out activity with a standard search to define your criteria. The Current Check-In/Check-Out Log provides information about individuals currently checked into all events at your facilities.

The standard reports also available with Check-In/Check-Out include custom listings for Check-In/Check-Out and for Events, Check-In/Check-Out Export, and Check-In/Check-Out Notices.

All of the reports listed above, except the Current Check-In/Check-Out Log, use a standard search for defining your criteria by date, status and events. For dates, select All Dates or Date Range and enter the range in the space provided. For Status, choose between individuals who Checked-In Only, individuals who were Checked-Out or All individuals who were checked in and or out. Under Events, click in a box to place a check mark next to the events you want to include in the report.

For more information on setting the appearance of reports or for help with advanced searches, refer to Appendix A.

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