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Navigating CDM+ Mobile

The first time you login to CDM+ Mobile, a red splash screen with the CDM+ Mobile logo appears briefly.

The CDM+ Mobile Launcher soon replaces it.

When connected to and provisioned from a hosted CDM+  database, the free CDM+ Mobile app gives access to these features and functions (each requiring an underlying component in the CDM+ suite):

  • Individuals
  • Attendance
  • Barcode Attendance
  • Check-In
  • Check-Out
  • Reminders

And, for users of CDM+ Regional versions only

  • Churches

The demo version of the CDM+ Mobile app will display all of the features available in the app. Once you login to CDM+ Mobile from a device that has been provisioned by an administrator of your hosted CDM+ database, you will see only those features for which your organization has the corresponding CDM+ program and for which you were granted access through the provisioning of your device. 

Tap the appropriate icon to choose that feature/function.

Attendance is for taking attendance at a specific service or event. To view an  individual's attendance history, tap the Individuals icon on the launcher. 

If you log out of CDM+ Mobile, you will  see the CDM+ Mobile Launcher the next time you login.

If you close the CDM+ Mobile app without logging out, the next time you open the app, CDM+ will recall what you were doing and open to the last screen you viewed.

If you need to switch between functions within the app, tap the grid icon at the top right of the screen to return to the Launcher.

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