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Organizational Chart Introduction

The following charts are designed to represent the major record structures in each program of CDM+. Listed underneath each major record (Parent) structure are its related record (Child) types. When deleting or archiving Parent records from CDM+ the related record (Child) types will also be removed. Note that some records also have related record types that have additional related records tied to them. For example when deleting or archiving out Address Records, all of the record types listed below it will be removed plus all of the related records under Individual Records, Giving Units and Visitation Records.

Some records have soft links related to them. A soft link refers to shared information or reference links tied together. When archiving or deleting records, those records that are soft linked are not deleted or archived. An Employee Record can have a soft link to an Address Record. When an Address Record for an employee is updated, the Employee Information Record is also updated. However, when an Address Record is deleted or archived, the related Employee Information Record will not be removed.

   Address Records
     • Address Phones/E-Mail
     • Address Groups
     • Address Other Information
     • Individual Records (also a Parent)

     • Giving Units (also a Parent)
     • Visitation Records
     • Soft Links
          • Vendor Records
          • Payroll Records
          • Customer Records in Accounts Receivable
   Individual Records
     • Individual Phones/Emails
     • Individual Groups
     • Individual Other Information
     • Pastoral Records
     • Visitation Records

     • Attendance Records
     • Event Registration Records (also a Parent)
     Soft Links
          • Giving Unit
 Pastoral Records
 Visitation Records
 Preaching Aids
 Media Ministry

  Attendance  Records
  Visitor Records
     • Visitor Phones/Emails
     • Visitor Groups
     • Visitor Followup
     • Attendance Records
  Attendance History Records

  Giving Units
     • Groups
     • Giving Records
     • Estimates/Pledges
  Giving Records

     • Soft Links
          • Memorial Gifts
          • Ledger Entries
  Giving History Records
  Estimate/Pledge Records

  Gift Designee
     • Gifts Given
     • Gifts Used
  Gifts Given
  Gifts Used

  Event Statistics
  Class Statistics

  Accounts Payable

       Vendor Records
          • Invoices
             • Payments
             • Recurring Transactions
       Purchase Orders
         Recurring Transactions
  Accounts Receivable
         Customer Records
          • Invoices
          • Payments
         Ledger Entries
         Bank Reconciliation
         Chart of Accounts

         Employee Information
             Payroll Records (also a Parent)
             Pay Items
             Pay Deductions
             Sick/Vacation Time
         Payroll Records
             Pay Items
             • Pay Deductions
          • Soft Link
                     Ledger Entries
         Other Deductions
         Sick/Vacation Time

         Event Records
          • Activities
          • Registration Notices
         Registration Records
          • Contacts (if camp)
          • Other Information
          • Activities
          • Payments
          • Notices

          • Resources (also a Parent)
          • Rooms (also a Parent)
          • Contacts
          • Instances of Events
             •  Default Room Assignments
             • Configurations

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