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Data Dump

CDM+ provides numerous Custom Listing and Export reports to export data to CSV and other text file formats. But if you need a complete dump of your data, a Data Dump is the best option.

What is a data dump?

A data dump is the raw data from your CDM+ database database. Practically, it is a zipped folder containing several hundred CSV files with the data from each table from your database, one table per file.

What is a data dump used for?

Data dumps are most often used to:

  • Import data into a 3rd party tool for additional analysis

  • Conduct a low-level review of your data for sensitive or restricted information

  • Switch to another product

If you are considering switching to another product, please give us a call first. We are happy to discuss any challenges or external factors that are pushing your organization towards a switch. Many times new staff are unfamiliar with CDM+ and want to move to a tool they know. We offer complimentary training for new staff to help them learn how to use CDM+ and discover its benefits to your organization's mission and operations.

What is a data dump NOT used for?

If you need to export selected information, for example to provide directory data to a yearbook company, use a Custom Listing/Export report in the relevant area of CDM+. This export will be much easier to create and control the format of the data.

How do I make a data dump?

Data dumps must be performed by Suran's Data Services department. They cannot be performed from the CDM+ software. Email to request a data dump. Include this information:

  • Your name

  • Your organization's name

  • The database to dump, available under CDM+ About CDM+ System Information on macOS or FIle About CDM+ System Information on Windows. You may also specify all databases

  • The email address to which you want a link to download the dump sent

Please confirm the recipient's email address. A data dump contains ALL your database's information and will be visible to the recipient. This includes personal information, financial information, and private pastoral and visitation records.

If you have encryption enabled in your database and want decrypted information dumped, please disable encryption before the dump is performed. Or you may elect to leave encryption enabled knowing encrypted data will be unusable in the dump.

Is a data dump available for self-hosted users?

Yes. In addition to providing the information listed above you will need to upload a backup of the database(s) which you want dumped to the Suran File Depot. Please contact support for help uploading your files.

Can I limit what information is in a data dump?

Not directly. A data dump includes data from all tables in the CDM+ database. However, if you archive selected information to an archive database Suran can dump the archive, thereby producing a more focused data dump. Using the the Copy Only option during the archive is a good way to preserve your original database.

How do I use a data dump?

You can load the data from a data dump into any software that can read a CSV file. Refer to the file names and column headers to determine the function of each table.

Is there an ERD/Data Dictionary available?

No. If you have specific questions about table relationships or a table's structure email them to We will do our best to answer reasonable questions, but the CDM+ database structure is proprietary and Suran reserves all rights when deciding what information to share.

Why are there empty files in the data dump?

We export a file per table regardless if there are records or not. This allows the consumer to determine if the table is empty.

If you open your data dump and see empty tables, check the tables in the public folder - much of the data in CDM+ is stored in public.

I'm on Windows and get an error or blank files extracting the zip.

Try using the freeware tool 7zip <> to extract the archive.

Is there a cost to a data dump?

There is no cost for a data dump while you are enrolled in a CDM+ Plan. If you are no longer enrolled in a CDM+ Plan, or if you have an outstanding balance, you need to enroll and/or pay your outstanding balance before a data dump can be performed.

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