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Access Logs

The Access pane of the Administration window provides information regarding user access to CDM+. Each instance of user access is displayed at the top of the window.

Here you will see a list of user access to the program that includes the user’s name, the time he/she logged in, the time he/she logged out and the IP Address of the computer used. The Outcolumn may also list the user as being currently logged in or may indicate that the log out time is unknown, meaning that the user unexpectedly logged out, possibly due to his/her computer crashing.

Click once to highlight a session under User Access and click the Display Actions button at the bottom of hte window to see the actions performed by that user during the selected session.

Current sessions and unexpectedly ended sessions will not display actions.

This list can show records that were entered or updated during the session, but will not display deleted records. If you would like to see the actions list update as you selected different sessions, check Auto Display.

The actions list will show:

  • The type of record entered or modified, such as Address Records or Vendors
  • The type of action, either Modified or Entered
  • The time of the action
  • A description of the record 

CDM+ stores only the most recent modifications made to a record. Therefore, an action of a particular session will no longer appear with that session if the related record is modified during a later session.

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